Alternative title names and composer information.

TitleAlternative TitlesComposers and Lyricists
11:60 P.M.Harry James, Seeger Willis, Don George
23rd Psalm
4:30 BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
99% Won’t DoNinety-Nine Per CentEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
9:20 SpecialE. Warren
A Beautiful FriendshipJule Styne, Sammy Cahn
A Blue Fog That You Can Almost See Through (see - Transblucency)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Lawrence Brown
A Blue Mural From Two PerspectivesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
A Blues RiffDjango Reinhardt
A Blues SerenadeFrank Signorelli, Vincent Grande, Jimmy Lytell, Mitchell Parish
A City Called HeavenEdward "Butch" Warren, Alberto Pestalozza
A Contrapuntal Stomp (see - Back Room Romp)
A Day In The Life Of A FoolL. Benfa, Carl Sigman
A Door Will OpenHarry Brooks, Don George
A Drum Is A WomanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
A Fire And Brimstone Sermonette (see - The Biggest)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A Flower Is A Lovesome ThingBilly Strayhorn
A Foggy Day (In London Town)George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
A Friend Of YoursJimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke
A Garden In The RainCarroll Gibbons, James Dyrenforth
A Gatherin’ In A Clearin’HometownEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington. William "Cat" Anderson
A Ghost Of A Chance (I Don’t Stand . . . With You)Victor Young, Ned Washington, Bing Crosby
A Hundred Dreams AgoA Hundred Dreams from Now - Champagne Oasis)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Burke
A Hundred Dreams From Now (see - A Hundred Dreams Ago)
A Hymn Of SorrowEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A Lesson In CEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills, Henry Nemo
A Little MaxEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A Lull At DawnEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A Medium Blues (see - September 12th Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A Midnight In ParisBilly Strayhorn
A Night In HarlemEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A Portrait Of Bill Robinson (see - Bojangles)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A Portrait Of Florence Mills (see - Black Beauty)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A Portrait Of Freddy Jenkins (see - Little Posey)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A Sailboat In The MoonlightJohn Jacob Loeb, Carmen Lombardo
A Samoan Dance (see - Maori)William H. Tyers, Henry Creamer
A Slip Of The Lip (Can Sink A Ship)Me And My WigMercer Ellington, Luther Henderson
A Spoonful Of SugarRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
A Taste Of HoneyRic Marlow, Bobby Scott
A TONAL GROUP 1. Rhapsoditti (Mellow Ditty) 2. Fugueaditti 3. Jam-A-DittyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A TRIANGLE 1. Dance 2. Jealousy 3. Big City BluesDucky Wucky - The Laborers (intro) - Saddest TaleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A View From Central ParkEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A Woman And A ManEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sidney Keith "Bob" Russell
A-Flat MinorEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
A.C. (see - Opening Titles)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AbsintheRicardBilly Strayhorn
AcacEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Accent On youthVee Lawnhurst/Tot Seymour
Accentuate The PositiveHarold Arlen, Johnny Mercer
Accordion JoeDale Wimbrow, Charles Cornell (J. Cornell Smelser)
Across The Track BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Action In AlexandriaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AD LIB ON NIPPON 1. Fugi 2. Igoo 3. Nagoya 4. TokyoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AddiSerenade To The Bird - The JungleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AdmirationWilliam H. Tyers
Admiration StompJuan Tizol, Irving Mills
AfriqueDeep Forest - TotoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Afro-BossaBulaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AFRO-EURASIAN ECLIPSE 1. Gong 2. Chinoiserie 3. Tang (Django, Django) 4. True (Tell Me It’s The Truth) 5. Didjeridoo 6. Afrique (Deep Forest) 7. The Hard Way 8. Ocht O’Clock Rock 9. Big LuvEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
After A WhileJimmy Shirl, Milton Drake
After AllBilly Strayhorn
After Bird JungleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AgraEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Ain’t But The OneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ain’t MisbehavinThomas "Fats" Waller, Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf
Ain’t Nobody Nowhere Nothin’ Without GodEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ain’t The Gravy GoodEdward Heyman
Air Conditioned JungleThe Air-Minded JungleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Jimmy Hamilton
Alabamy HomeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Dave Ringle
Alavanting Al (see - Bensonality)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AlcibiadesTimon Of Athens MarchEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AleradoWilliam Strethen "Wild Bill" Davis
AlfieBurt Bacharach, Hal David
Alice Blue GownHarry Tierney, Joseph McCarthy
All At OnceKurt Weill, Ira Gershwin
All Day LongBilly Strayhorn
All God’s Chillun Got RhythmWalter Jurman, Bronislau Kaper, Gus Kahn
All HeartEntrance Of YouthEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
All I Need Is The GirlJule Styne, Stephen Sondheim
All I Need Is YouHoagy Carmichael, Benny Davis,Benny Davis
All My LovingJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney
All Of MeGerald Marks, Seymour Simons
All The Things You AreJerome D. Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II
All This And Heaven TooJimmy Van Heusen, Edgar DeLange
All Too SoonSlow Tune - I Don’t Mind#Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Carl Sigman
Allah-ByeBilly Strayhorn
Almighty GodGod Has Those AngelsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Almost Cried (see - Flirtibird)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Alone Again (see - Someone)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Alone TogetherArthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz
Along Came PeteSam Stept, Ned Washington
Alredado (see - Alerado)
AlternateEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Altitude (see - Main Stem)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AlwaysIrving Berlin
AmadEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
AmapolaJoseph M. Lacalle, Albert Gamse
American Lullaby (see - Chant For F.D. Roosevelt)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AmorGabriel Ruiz Galindo, Sunny Skylar
Amour, AmourToo KeeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
An Urban Fantasy (see - New York City Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Anal Renrut (see - Charpoy)
Anatomy Of A MurderI’m Gonna Go Fishin’ - That’s LoveEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
ANATOMY OF A MURDER 01. Anatomy Of A Murder 02. Flirtibird 03. Way Early Subtone 04. Hero To Zero 05. Low Key Lightly (Haupé) 06. Happy Anatomy 07. Midnight Indigo (Haupé) 08. Almost Cried (Flirtibird) 09. Sunswept Sunday 10. Grace Valse (Haupé) 11. Happy Anatomy 12. Haupé 13. Upper And OutestEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
And Russia Is Her NameJerome D. Kern, Edgar Yipsel "Yip" Harburg
And So Little timeAbner Silver, Nick Kenny
Angelica (see - Purple Gazelle)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Angelique (see - Purple Gazelle)
AnguEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Animal CrackersFred Rich, Harry Link, Sam Coslow
Anitra’s DanceEdvard Grieg
Annonce Du Spectacle (see - Overture)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AntaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Anticipation And HesitationTrumpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Antidisestablishmentarianismist (You’re Just An Old . . . )Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Any Bonds Today?Irving Berlin
Any Time, Any Day, AnywhereVictor Young, Lee Wiley, Ned Washington
Apache (see - Javapachacha)Trad
Apes And PeacocksEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Apple Jack (see Honeysuckle Rose)
April In ParisVernon Duke, Edgar Yipsel "Yip" Harburg
Arabesque CookieArabian Dance - NaibaraPiyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
Arabian Dance (see - Arabesque Cookie)Piyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
Arabian LoverJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Are You Sticking?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Aris (see - Aristocracy A La Jean Lafitte)
Aristocracy A La Jean LafitteEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Around My HeartJuan Tizol
Artistry In RhythmStan Kenton
As Long As I LiveMax Steiner, Charles Tobias
As Time Goes ByH. Hupfeld
Ase’s DeathE. Greig
Ashby’s BluesHarold Ashby
Asphalt Jungle (see - Cops)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
ASPHALT JUNGLE SUITE 1. Wild Car 2. Cops 3. RobbersEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Asphalt Jungle Twist (see - Cops)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Astrofreight (see - SUITE FOR SWINGING)
At A Dixie Roadside DinerEdgar Leslie, Johnny Burke
At LastHarry Warren, Mack Gordon, Henry Glover
At The Woodchopper’s BallWoody Herman, Joe Bishop
At Your Beck And CallBuck Ram, Edgar DeLange
Atmosphere (see - Moon Mist)
Auld Lang SyneTrad.
Aurora BorealisRon Collier
Autumn LeavesJoseph Kosma, Jacques Prevert, Johnny Mercer
Autumn SerenadePeter DeRose, Sammy Gallop
Autumnal Suite (see - Paris Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AvalonVincent Rose, Buddy DeSylva, Al Jolson
Awful SadEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AzaleaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
AzureEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Azure TeWilliam Strethen "Wild Bill" Davis
B-Sharp BostonEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
B-Sharp BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
B.D.B.Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
B.P. BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-AreThelonius Monk
BabsieAlice Babs
Baby!Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Baby, Bye Bye (see - Good Woman Blues)
Baby, Please Stop And Think About MeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Gordon
Baby, When You Ain’t ThereEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mitchell Parish
Baby, You And Me (see - In A Mellow Tone)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Milton Gabler
Baby, You Can't MissEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Baby, You’re Too MuchEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
Back Home Again In IndianaJames F. Hanley, Ballard MacDonald
Back Room RompA Contrapuntal StompEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart
Back To SchoolLee Adams, Charles Strouse
Background Music (For Change Of Mind)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Backward Country Boy BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Bad WomanWalk Right InEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BaghdadJuan Tizol
BakiffJuan Tizol
Balcony SerenadeLove - Under The Balcony - SonataEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Ballad (see - Mist)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ballet Of The Flying SaucersEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Ballin’ The BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Band CallEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Bandana BabiesJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Bang Up BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
BanquetCounter ThemeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Barefoot StomperEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Barisol (see - Serious Serenade)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Barney Goin’ Easy (see - I’m Checking Out - Goom Bye)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Barney’s Concerto (see - Clarinet Lament)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard
Barzallai LouEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Basin Street BluesSpencer Williams
BassmentDiscontented - Trombone Trio - Daddy’s Blues - Hark For Duke’s TrumpetsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BateauEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Battle Of SwingLe Jazz HotEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Battle RoyalEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Be Careful, It’s My HeartIrving Berlin
Be Cool And Groovy For MePut-tinEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Charles "Cootie" Williams, Tony Bennett
Beale Street BluesW.C. Handy
Beautiful RomanceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Charles "Cootie" Williams, Lupin Fein
Beautiful Woman Walks WellShe Walks WellEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Beer Barrel PolkaTaromir Vejvoda, Lew Brown, Wladimir Timm
Beer GardenEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Before my TimeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Beggar’s BluesBarney Bigard, Johnny Hodges
Bei Mir Bist Du SchoenJacob Jacobs, Sholom Secunda, Saul Chaplin, Sammy Cahn
BEIGE 07. A View From Central Park 08. Cy Runs Rock Waltz 09. Interlude (Cy Runs Rock Waltz) 10. Sugar Hill Penthouse 11. FinaleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BensonalityAlavanting Al - The BendEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Best WishesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ted Koehler
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue SeaHarold Arlen, Ted Koehler
Beyond CategoryEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Big BashEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Big Bubble Coming (see - The Giggling Rapids)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Big DragEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Big Fat Alice’s BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Big House BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Big LuvEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Big NickJohn Coltrane
Bill Bailey (. . . Won’t You Please Come Home)Hughie Cannon
Billy Strayhorn’s Riff (see - The Intimacy Of The Blues)Billy Strayhorn
Bird Of ParadiseEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Birdie Jungle (see - Guitar Amour)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Birmingham BreakdownEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Birth Of The BluesRay Henderson, Buddy DeSylva, Lew Brown
Bitches’ BallPiano Improvisation No. 4.Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BLACK 01. Worksong 02. Come Sunday 03. LightEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Black And BlueThomas "Fats" Waller, Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf
Black And Tan FantasyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Bubber Miley
Black BeautyFirewater - A Portrait Of Florence MillsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Black ButterflyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ben Carruthers, Irving Mills
Black SwanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BLACK, BROWN AND BEIGE 01. Worksong 02. Come Sunday 03. Light 04. West Indian Dance 05. Emancipation Celebration 06. The Blues 07. A View From Central Park 08. Cy Runs Rock Waltz 09. Interlude (Cy Runs Rock Waltz) 10. Sugar Hill Penthouse 11. FinaleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BlemEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blessing On The NightEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Bli-BlipEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sid Kuller
Blind BugEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blood CountBilly Strayhorn
BlossomEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Johnny H. Mercer
Blousons NoirEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blowin’ In The WindBob Dylan
Blue AbandonEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue AgainJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
BLUE BELLS OF HARLEMEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue Bird Of DelhiEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Blue BubblesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue CellophaneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue FeelingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue Fuse No. 1Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue Fuse No. 2Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue GooseEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue HarlemEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue Is The EveningHarry Akst, Sidney Clare
Blue Is The NightFred Fisher
Blue Jean BeguineWilliam "Cat" Anderson
Blue LightEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue LouEdgar Sampson, Irving Mills
Blue MoodEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Blue MoonRichard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart
Blue PepperEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Blue PreludeP. Gonsalves
Blue RambleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue ReverieEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Harry Carney
Blue RoseEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue SergeMercer Ellington
Blue SkiesTrumpet No EndIrving Berlin
Blue Tears (see - Have You Changed?)Mort Van Duyke, Jay Gordon, Harry Gordon, Sylvia Dee
Blue TooEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blue TuneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blueberry HillVincent Rose, Al Lewis, Larry Stock
BluerEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues A La Willie CookEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues A Poppin’Charles "Cootie" Williams
Blues At SundownEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues For Asphalt JungleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues For BlantonEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues For JerryEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues For New OrleansEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues ImprovisationBilly Strayhorn
Blues In B Flat
Blues In BlueprintEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues In CEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues In C Minor (see - Stevie)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues In Hoss’ FlatFrank Foster
Blues In OrbitStar Blues - TenderEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Blues In The NightHarold Arlen, Johnny Mercer
Blues No. 01
Blues No. 02
Blues No. 03Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Oscar Pettiford
Blues No. 04
Blues No. 05Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues No. 06Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues No. 07Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues No. 08Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues No. 09
Blues No. 10
Blues No. 11
Blues No. 12
Blues No. 13
Blues No. 14
Blues No. 15
Blues No. 16
Blues No. 17
Blues No. 18
Blues No. 19
Blues No. 20
Blues No. 21
Blues No. 22
Blues No. 23Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues Of The VagabondEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Blues On The DoubleBuck Clayton
Blues To Be ThereEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Blues TurneyNorris Turney
Blues With A Bridge (see - Just A Little Jive)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BlutopiaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Body And SoulJohnny Green, Edward Heyman, R. Sour, R. Eyton
BojanglesA Portrait Of Bill RobinsonEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Bon Amour (see - Guitar Amour)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BongaEmpty Town BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Boo-DahBilly Strayhorn
Boogie Bop BlueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Boola BoolaAlan M. Hirsch
Boudoir BennyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Charles "Cootie" Williams
BounceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Bouncing BuoyancyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Bourbon Street Jingling JolliesOrleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Boy Meets HornTwits And Twerps - Stew BurpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart, Irving Mills
Boys From HarlemEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Braggin’ In BrassEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Henry Nemo, Irving Mills
BrasillianceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Brassiere (see - Rumpus In Richmond)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Britt-And-Butter BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BroadstreamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
BroadwayHenri Woode, Teddy McRae, Bill Bird
BROWN 04. West Indian Dance 05. Emancipation Celebration 06. The BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Brown Berries (see - Harlem River Quiver)Jimmy McHugh, Danni Healy, Dorothy Fields
Brown BettyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Brown PennyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, John Latouche
Brown SuedeMercer Ellington
Brown-Skin GalEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Paul Francis Webster
Bugle BreaksEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Mercer Ellington
Bugle Call RagJack Pettis, Billy Meyers, Elmer Schoebel
Build That Railroad ( . . . And Sing That Song)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Bula (see - Afro Bossa)
Bundle Of BluesDragon’s BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Bunny Hop MamboRay Anthony, Leonard Auletti
Burg (see - Just A Little Jive)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Buss (see - Right On Togo)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Butter And OleoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Bye-Bye BlackbirdRay Henderson, Mort Dixon
C-Jam Blues“C” Blues - Jam Session - Jump Blues - Duke’s Place - Circle BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ruth Roberts, Bill Katz, Bob Theile
C.E.B. BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ray Brown, Herb Ellis, Frank Capp
Cabin In The SkyVernon Duke, John Latouche
Café Au LaitEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
CaldoniaFleecie Moore
Caline (see - Silk Lace)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Call Me IrresponsibleJimmy Van Heusen, Sammy Cahn
Call Of The CanyonBilly Hill
Call ‘Em (see - Tigress)Billy Strayhorn
Camp Grant Chant (see - Fickle Fling)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Candlelight Waltz(see - Auld Lang Syne)
CandyAlex Kramer, Joan Whitney, Mack David
Can’t Help Lovin That ManJerome D. Kern, Oscar Hammerstein I
Can’t You Read Between The Lines?Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn
CaravanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Juan Tizol, Irving Mills
Careful (see - Vagabonds)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Juan Tizol, Johnny Burke
Careless Love (see - Loveless Love)W.C. Handy
Carnegie BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Carnival In CarolineEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Carolina ShoutJames P. Johnson
Carribee JoeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Cat Walk (see - Night Walk)William "Cat" Anderson
Champagne Oasis (see A Hundred Dreams Ago)
Change Of Mind “A”Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Change Of Mind “B”Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Change Of Mind “C”Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Change Of Mind “D”Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Change Of Mind “E”Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Chant For F.D. RooseveltAmerican LullabyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Chant Of The WeedDon Redman
CharadeHenry Mancini, Johnny Mercer
Charlie The ChuloEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Charlotte Russe (see - Lotus Blossom)Billy Strayhorn
CharpoyAnal Renrut - Lana Turner - FrancescaBilly Strayhorn
Chasin’ ChippiesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Charles "Cootie" Williams
ChatterboxJumpyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart, Irving Mills
Checkered HatNorris Turney
Chelsea BridgeBilly Strayhorn
CherokeeRay Noble
CherryDon Redman
ChevalierEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Chew, Chew, ChewBuck Ram, Chick Webb. Ella Fitzgerald
ChicagoFred Fisher
Chicago Stomp DownJames P. Johnson, Henry Creamer
Chico CuadradinoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mercer Ellington
Chili BowlEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Chim Chim ChereeRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
ChinoiserieScheEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Chinoiserie #Piyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
ChloeSong Of The SwampNeil Moret (Charles N. Daniels), Gus Kahn
Chocolate ShakeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Paul Francis Webster
Choo Choo ( . . . I Gotta Hurry Home)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Dave Ringle, Robert E. Schaefer
Chopin’s Etude In EFrederic Chopin
Christmas SurpriseEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, C. Julian Bartlett
Christopher ColumbusLeon Chu Berry, Andy Razaf
Chromatic Love AffairEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Cincinnati DaddyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
CirceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Circle BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Circle Blues (see - C-Jam Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ruth Roberts, Bill Katz, Bob Theile
Circle Of FourthsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Circus (see - The Old Circus Train)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
CiribiribinAlberto Pestalozza
Clarinet LamentBarney’s Concerto - King’s LamentEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard
Clarinet MelodramaJimmy Hamilton
Clary, Box And Bass (see Jump For Joy)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Paul Francis Webster, Sid Kuller
ClementineBilly Strayhorn
Clementine #Percy Montrose
Clouds In My HeartHarlem Romance - Never AgainEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills
Cobb’s TuneArnett Cobb
Coca Cola Theme
Cocktails For TwoArthur Johnson, Sam Coslow
Coffee And KissesFrederick Hollaender, Ralph Freed
Collage No. 3Gordon Delamont
ColoraturaSophisticationEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Come Back to MeBurton Lane, Alan Jay Lerner
Come EasterEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Come Off The Veldt ( . . . And Into The Bush)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Come On HomeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Come Rain Or Come ShineHarold Arlen. Johnny Mercer
Come SundayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Come To Baby, Do!Sidney Miller, Inez James
Comes Once In A LifetimeLeslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley
Comme Ci, Comme CaBruno André Coquatrix
Commercial TimeJohn Sander’s BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rick Henderson
CONCERT OF SACRED MUSIC 01. Come Sunday 02. Light (Montage) 03. Tell Me It’s The Truth 04. We Shall Walk This Lonesome Valley 05. Only Joyful 06. In The Beginning God 07. Christmas Surprise 08. NEW WORLD A-COMIN’ 09. Will You Be There? 10. 99% Won’t Do 11. Ain’t But The One 12. My Mother, My Father And Love 13. 14. Come Sunday 15. The Lord’s Prayer 16. David Danced (Come Sunday) 17. The Preacher’s Song 18. In The Beginning GodEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Concerto For 4 Jazz Horns (see - Jam-A-Ditty)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Concerto For CootieEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Conferment Of Medal Of Freedom
Cong-GoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Conga BravaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Juan Tizol
Congo SquareMatumbeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
ContrastsOodles Of NoodlesJimmy Dorsey
CONTROVERSIAL SUITE 1. Before my Time 2. LaterEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Cool RockEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Cop Out Extension (see - Cop-Out)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Cop-OutCop-Out ExtensionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Copa IIEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
CopsAsphalt Jungle - Asphalt Jungle TwistEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
CoquetteJohn W. Green, Carmen Lombardo, Gus Kahn
Cordon BleuEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
CottonRube Bloom, Ted Koehler
Cotton Club StompEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney
Cotton Club Stomp #Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Cotton HeadEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Cotton Head (see - Cotton Tail)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Cotton TailShuckin’ And Stiffin’ - Hot Chocolate - Cotton HeadEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Could It Be You?Billy Strayhorn
Countdown (see - Soul CallLouis Bellson
Counter Theme (see - Banquet)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Country (see - Riverboat)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Country GalEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Court SessionWilliam "Cat" Anderson
Cowboy RhumbaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Paul Rief, Don George
Craven Filter SongEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Creamy Brown (see - Sugar Hill Penthouse)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Creole BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Creole Love CallEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Bubber Miley, Rudy Jackson
CREOLE RHAPSODYEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Crescendo In BlueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Cross ClimaxEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
CrosstownJohnny Hodges
Cy Runs Rock WaltzInterludeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Cynthia’s In LoveEdward R. White, Billy Gish, Jimmy Owens
D.E. Bond Promo
D.E. Message
Daddy’s Blues (see - Bassment)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Daily Double (see - Race)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dallas Doin’sEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dance (see - Ducky Wucky)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard
Dance No 1Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dance No 2Tri-BopEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dance No 3Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dance No 4Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dance No 5Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dance Of The FloreadoresWaltz Of The FlowersPiyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
Dance Of The GoonJohnny Hodges
Dance Of The Reed Pipes (see - Toot Toot Tootie Toot)Piyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
Dancers In LoveNaivete - Stomp For BeginnersEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dancing In The DarkArthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz
Dancing On The StarsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Danke SchoenBert Kaempfert, Kurt Schwabach, Milton Gabler
Dankworth CastleJimmy Hamilton
Danny BoyTrad
Darktown Strutters BallShelton Brooks
Day DreamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, John Latouche
Day In, Day OutRube Bloom, Johnny Mercer
Daybreak ExpressEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Days Of Wine And RosesHenry Mancini, Johnny Mercer
Dazzling CreatureEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Deacon JazzEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Jo Trent
Dear Old SouthlandTurner Layton, Henry Creamer
Dearly BelovedJerome D. Kern, Johnny Mercer
December BlueOnce In A BlueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Deep BluesJam On CEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Deep Forest (see - Afrique)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Deep NightCharles Henderson, Rudy Vallee
Deep PurplePeter DeRose, Mitchell Parish
DEEP SOUTH SUITE 1. Magnolias Dripping With Molasses 2. Hearsay 3. There Was Nobody Looking 4. Happy Go Lucky LocalEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Delta BoundAlexander Hill
Delta MoodEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Delta SerenadeOh, Babe!Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Manny Kurtz, Irving Mills
Demi-TasseEvah-DayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Harry Carney
DepkEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Design For Jivin’Leonard Feather
DianeLew Pollack, Erno Rapee
DickEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dicty GlideEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
DidjeridooEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Diga Giga DooJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Diminuendo In BlueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
DinahHarry Akst, Sam W. Morgan Lewis, Joe Young
Dinah #Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dinah LouRube Bloom, Ted Koehler
Dinah’s In A JamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
DirgeBilly Strayhorn
Discontented (see - Bassment)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Discontented BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
DixieJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Django, Django (see - Tang)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Do Not Disturb (see - Le Sucrier Velour)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From MeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sidney Keith "Bob" Russell
Do You Know?Leslie Sarony
Doin’ The FrogJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields, Danni Healy
Doin’ The New Low DownJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Doin’ The Voom VoomEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Bubber Miley
DonJuanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Don’t Be So Mean To BabyDave Barbour, Peggy Lee
Don’t Blame MeJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Don’t Ever Say GoodbyeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Belinda Putnam, Bill Putnam
Don’t Get Around Much AnymoreNever No Lament - FoxyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sidney Keith "Bob" Russell
Don’t Get Down On Your Knees ( . . . To Pray Until You Have Forgiven Everyone)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Don’t Take My Love (see Smada)
Don’t Take Your Love From MeHenry Nemo
Don’t Touch MeHarry Noble Jr.
Don’t Worry “Bout MeRube Bloom, Ted Koehler
Don’t You KnowBobby Worth
Don’t You Know I CareEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mack David
Dooji WoojiEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Double Check StompBarney Bigard, Wellman Braud, Johnny Hodges
Double RuffBilly Strayhorn
Down A Carolina LaneFrank Perkins, Mitchell Parish
Down In Our Alley BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, O. Hardwick
Downbeat ShuffleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Downtown UproarEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Charles "Cootie" Williams
DragEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Draggin’ BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dragon’s Blues (see - Bundle Of Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Drawing Room BluesBilly Strayhorn
DrawingsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dream BluesJohnny Hodges, Irving Mills
Dreaming By The FireR. Henderson
Dreamy Sort Of ThingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Drinking AgainDoris Tauber, Johnny Mercer
Drop Me Off In HarlemEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Nick Kenny
Drummer’s DelightEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard
Dry Long SoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Jo Trent, Irving Mills
DUAEL FUEL 1. Duael Fuel Part I 2. Duael Fuel Part II 3. Duael Fuel Part IIIEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Clark Terry
Duael Fuel Part IEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Clark Terry
Duael Fuel Part IIEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Clark Terry
Duael Fuel Part IIIEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Clark Terry
Dual HighwaySomething SexualJohnny Hodges
Duck AmokEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ducky WuckyDanceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard
DuetEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Duke Talking About -
Duke’s Place (see - C-Jam Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ruth Roberts, Bill Katz, Bob Theile
DuskEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Dusk On The DesertJamin’ And Jubin’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
E And D BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, John Sanders
Early AutumnRalph Burns, Woody Herman, Johnny Mercer
Early Mornin’Barney Bigard
East Side, West Side (see - The Sidewalks Of New York)Charles B. Lawlor, James W. Blake
East St. Louis Toodle-OHarlem twistEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Bubber Miley
Easy StreetIsham Jones
Easy To LoveCole Porter
Ebony RhapsodyArthur Johnston, Sam Coslow
Echo TangoPaul Stewart
Echoes Of HarlemEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Echoes Of The JungleCharles "Cootie" Williams, Irving Mills
Edward The First (see - What Good Am I Without You?)Milton Ager
Edward The SecondEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Eerie MoanVictor Young, Lee Wiley
EggoPretty Little ThingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Eighth VeilEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
El Busto (see - Trombone Buster)William "Cat" Anderson
El GatoWilliam "Cat" Anderson
El VitiEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Eleanor RigbyJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney
Elf (see - Isfahan)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Ellington ‘66Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ellington’s MAsterclass
ElosEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
ElyséeBilly Strayhorn
Emancipation CelebrationThe Lighter AttitudeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Embraceable YouGeorge Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
Empty Bedroom BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Empty Town Blues (see - Bonga)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Entertainment Industry (see - Kinda Dukish)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Entrance Of Youth (see - All Heart)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
EqueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Esquire JumpLeonard Feather
Esquire SwankEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
EulbEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Evah-Day (see - Demi-Tasse)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Harry Carney
Every Day (see - The Breakfast Dance)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Every Day I Have The BluesP. Chapman
Every Lovin’ Lover (see - I Love My Lovin’ Lover)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Every Man Prays In His Own LanguageEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Everybody Wants To Know ( . . . Why I Sing The Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Everybody’s Doin’ ItIrving Berlin
Everything But YouEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Harry James, Don George
Everything GoesWilliam "Cat" Anderson
Ev’ry Hour On The Hour ( . . . I Fall In Love With You)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
Ev’ry Tub (see - Hyde Park)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Exposition SwingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Fade Up (see - Tutti For CootieEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Jimmy Hamilton
Fair WindN. Symonds
Falling Like A RaindropEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Fancy DanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
FanfareEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
FantazamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Far Away BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Far Away StarNils Lidberg, Signe Hasso
FAR EAST SUITE 1. Tourist Point Of View 2. Blue Bird Of Delhi 3. Isfahan 4. Depk 5. Mount Harissa 6. Blue Pepper 7. Agra 8. Amad 9. Fugi (Ad Lib OnNippon) 9. Igoo (Ad Lib OnNippon) 9. Nagoya (Ad Lib OnNippon) 9. Tokyo (Ad Lib OnNippon)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Farewell BluesElmer Schoebel, Paul Mares, Leon Rappolo
Fast And Furious (see - Lot O’ Fingers)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Harold Pottio
Fat And FortyCampbell "Skeets" Tolbert
Fat MessEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Fat MouthDick Vance
Father ForgiveEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Fatstuff SerenadeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart
Feed The BirdsRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
FeetboneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ferryboat SerenadeLa PiccininaEldo Di Lazzaro, Harold Adamson
Festival JunctionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Fickle FlingCamp Grant ChantEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Fiddle On The DiddleVoltaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
FifeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
FinaleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Finale #Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
FinesseNight WindEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Firewater (see - Black Beauty)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
First Movement (From”Fragmented Suite For Piano And Bass”)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ray Brown
Fish Mouth! (see - Jazz Lips)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Fishing For The MoonEddie Seiler, Sol Marcus, Guy B. Wood
Five O’Clock DragEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Harold Adamson
Five O’Clock WhistleJoseph Myrow, Kim Gannon, Gene Irwin
Flaming SwordEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Flaming YouthEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
FlamingoTed Grouya, Edmund Anderson
Fleurette AfricaineLes Fleurs Africaines - Little African FlowersEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Flippant FlurryBilly Strayhorn
FlirtibirdAlmost Cried - Flirtibird DownEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Flirtibird Down (see - Flirtibird)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Floor Show (see - Going Up)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
FluteEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Flute Ame (see - Soul FluteEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Fly Me To The MoonBart Howard
Flying HomeLionel Hampton, Benny Goodman, Sid Robin
Follow MeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Follow Me #Frederick Loewe, Alan Jay Lerner
Fontainbleau ForestEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Fool Of FoolsJoseph Meyer, Manny Kurtz
Foolin’ MyselfJack Lawrence, Peteer Tinurin
For Dancers OnlySy Oliver
For He’s A Jolly Good FellowTrad.
For Once In My LifeRonald Miller, Orlando Murden
Four And A Half StreetEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart
Fourth Movement (From”Fragmented Suite For Piano And Bass”)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ray Brown
Foxy (see - Don’t Get Around Much Anymore)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sidney Keith "Bob" Russell
FRAGMENTED SUITE FOR PIANO AND BASS 1. First Movement 2. Second Movement 3. Third Movement 4.Fourth MovementEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ray Brown
Francesca (see - Charpoy)Billy Strayhorn
Frankie And JohnnyTrad.
Frantic FantasyPrairie Fantasy - Orion FantasyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart
Freeze And MeltJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
FrenesiAlberto Dominguez, Leonard Whitcup
FriskyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Frivolous BantaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rick Henderson
Frolic SamCharles "Cootie" Williams
Frontin’Sempre AmoreEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Frou-FrouL. Young
FrustrationEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Frère MonkEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
FugiEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Fugue (see - Fugueaditti)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
FugueadittiFugueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Full Moon And Empty ArmsSergei Rachmaninov, Buddy Kaye, Ted Mossman
Fussy Puss (see - SWoody Shuffle)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
G.I. JiveJohnny Mercer
Gal From Joe’sEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Gal-Avantin’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Charles "Cootie" Williams
Georgia GrindSpencer Williams
Get Hep (see - Hayfoot, Strawfoot)Harry Lenk, Ervin Drake, Paul McGrane
Get It Southern StyleHenry Nemo, Irving Mills
Get On Board Little ChildrenGene DePaul, Don Raye
Get Yourself A New Broom ( . . . And Sweep The Blues AwayHarold Arlen
Get-With-ItnessEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ghost Of LoveM.L. Williams
Gigl (see - The Giggling Rapids)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ginza BluesP. Gonsalves
Girdle HurdleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
GirlsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Give It UpCharles "Cootie" Williams
Give Me The RightRobert Mellin, Al Frisch
Go Away BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Go With The National Guard
God Bless AmericaIrving Berlin
God Has Those Angels (see - Almighty God)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
God Save The QueenThomas Arne
Going UpFloor ShowEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Goin’ My WayJimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke
Goin’ NutsJohnny Hodges
Goin’ Out The Back WayJohnny Hodges
Goin’ To ChicagoWilliam "Count" Basie, Jimmy Rushing
Goin’ To TownEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Bubber Miley
Golden CressEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Lawrence Brown
Golden FeatherEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Al Sears
Gone But Not ForgottenBob King, Mandy Lee
GongEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Gonna Tan Your HideEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Good Fishin’Billy Strayhorn
Good Gal BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Good Girl BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Good Queen BessJohnny Hodges
Good Woman BluesBaby, Bye Bye - Good Girl Blues - Ballin' The BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Good-ByeGordon Jenkins
Goodyear ThemeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
GoofEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Got A Date With An AngelJack Waller, Joseph Tunbridge, Clifford Grey, Sonny Miller
Got Everything But YouJack Palmer, Andy Razaf
Got Nobody NowJohnny Hodges
Gotta GoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
GoutelasEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Grace Valse (see - Haupé)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Grammy Awards Presentation
Grap (see - The Giggling Rapids)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Great TimesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Grievin’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Guitar AmourBirdie Jungle - Bon AmourEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Gypsy Love SongVictor Herbert, Harry B. Smith
Gypsy Pump (see - Gypsy Without A Song)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Lou Singer, Irving Gordon
Gypsy Without A SongGypsy PumpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Lou Singer, Irving Gordon
Hail To The ChiefJohn Sanderson
Half The FunLatelyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
HallelujahEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
HallucinationsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hand Me Down LoveEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Carl Sigman
Happy AnatomyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Happy As The Day Is LongHarold Arlen, Ted Koehler
Happy Birhday To YouMildred J. Hill, Patty S. Hill
Happy Go Lucky LocalLike A TrainEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Happy OneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Happy ReunionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hard (see - Mendoza)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hark For Duke’s Trumpets (see - Bassment)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
HARLEM (A Tone Parallel To . . . )Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Harlem Air ShaftRumpus In RichmondEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Harlem Flat BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Harlem RhythmEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Harlem River QuiverBrown BerriesJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields, Danni Healy
Harlem Romance (see - Clouds In My Heart)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills
Harlem SpeaksEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Harlem twist (see - East St. Louis Toodle-O)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Bubber Miley
HarlemaniaJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Harmony In HarlemHave SomeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Irving Mills
Haunted NightsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
HaupéPolly’s Theme - Hero To Zero - Low Key Lightly - Midnight Indigo - Grace ValseEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Have Some (see - Harmony In Harlem)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Irving Mills
Have You Changed?Blue TearsMort Van Duyke, Jay Gordon, Harry Gordon, Sylvia Dee
Have You Seen The Circus?
Having At ItEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hayfoot, StrawfootGet HepHarry Lenk, Ervin Drake, Paul McGrane
He Huffed ‘n’ PuffedEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
He Just Don’t Appeal To MePorter Grainger, Irving Mills
He Makes Me Believe He’s MineEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hear My PleaSam Stept, Jimmy Brewster
HearsayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
HeavenEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hello, Dolly!Jerry Herman
Hello, Little BoyHello, Little GirlEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Chubby Kemp
Hello, Little Girl (see - Hello, Little Boy)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Chubby Kemp
Here goes (see - I’m Afraid)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
Hero To Zero (see - Haupé)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hesitation BluesScott Middleton, Billy Smythe, Jo Trent
Hey Buddy BoldenEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Hey, BabyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hey, CherieLuther Henderson
He’s Home For A Little WhileTed Shapiro, Chubby Kemp
Hi Fi Fo FumEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hi, JaneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hi, JuneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
HiawathaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Al Sears
HickEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
High LifeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
High PassageEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hip ChicEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
History Of JazzEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Hit Me In The Nose BluesHarold Gray
Hit Me With A Hot Note ( . . . And Watch Me Bounce)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
Hittin’ The BottleHarold Arlen, Ted Koehler
Hodge PodgeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Hodges’ BluesJohnny Hodges
Hold My Baby
Hold Tight (. . . Want Some Sea Food Mama)Willie Spotswood, Leonard Ware, Edward Robinson, Leonard Kent, Jerry Brandow
Hollywood HangoverBuck Clayton
Home Again BluesHarry Akst, Irving Berlin
Home Town BluesJohnny Hodges
Homesick, That’s AllGordon Jenkins
Hometown (see - A Gatherin’ In A Clearin’)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, William "Cat" Anderson
Honey HushRex Stewart, Barney Bigard, Billy Taylor
Honeysuckle RoseThomas "Fats" Waller, Andy Razaf
Hop HeadEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hop, Skip, Jump (see - Rockabye River)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hoppin’ JohnJimmy Hamilton
Hot And BotheredEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hot Chocolate (see - Cotton Tail)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Hot FeetJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Hot Shoppes CommercialEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
HottentotJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
House Of LordsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Earl Hines
How Blue Can You GetLeonard Feather
How Blue Can You Get (see - Ultra Blue)Jimmy Hamilton
How Blue The NightJimmy McHugh, Harold Adamson
How Come You Do Me Like You DoGene Austin, Roy Bergere
How Could You Do A Thing Like that To Me? (see - Sultry Sunset)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
How Deep Is The OceanIrving Berlin
How High The MoonW. Morgan Lewis, Nancy Hamilton
How You SoundEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
HumoresqueAnton Dvorak
Hyde ParkEv’ry TubEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
H’Ya SueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
I Can’t Begin To Tell YouJames Monaco, Mack Gordon
I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With MeJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields, Clarence Gaskill
I Can’t Get StartedVernon Duke, Ira Gershwin
I Can’t Give You Anything But LoveJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
I Can’t Realize You Love MeWalter Donaldson, Buddy DeSylva
I Can’t Stop Loving YouDon Gibson
I Could Get A ManEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Thornton Hee, Phil Coltrell
I Couldn’t Have Done It AloneLee Adams, Charles Strouse
I Cover The WaterfrontJohnny Green, Edward Heyman
I Didn’t Know About YouEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sidney Keith "Bob" Russell
I Done Caught You BluesPorter Grainger
I Don’t Know What Kind Of Blues I GotEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
I Don’t Know Why I Love You SoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
I Don’t MindEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
I Don’t Mind# (see - All Too Soon)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Carl Sigman
I Don’t Want Anybody At AllIf I Can’t Have YouJule Styne, H. Magidson
I Don’t Want Nobody But YouTell Me ‘Bout My BabyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
I Don’t Want To Set The World On FireEddie Durham-Bennie Benjamin/Eddie Seiler-Sol Marcus
I Don’t Want To Walk Without YouJule Styne, Frank Loesser
I Feel So GoodCarl Rupp, J. Brandon Walsh
I Fell And Broke My HeartEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
I Get A Kick Out Of YouCole Porter
I Give You My WordAl Kavelin, Merril Lyn
I Got It Bad ( . . . And That Ain’t Good)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Paul Francis Webster
I Have FaithShamus O’Connor, John J. Stanford
I Hear A RhapsodyJack Baker/George Frajos-Dick Gasparre
I Know That You KnowVincent Youmans, Ann Caldwell
I Know What You DoJohnny Hodges, Irving Mills
I Left My Heart In San FranciscoGeorge Cory, Douglas Cross
I Left My Sugar In Salt Lake CityLeon Rene, Johnny Lange
I Let & Don’t GetEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
I Let A Song Go Out Of My HeartEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Henry Nemo, Irving Mills
I LIke The SunriseEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
I Like The Wild Open SpacesTrad.
I Love My Lovin’ LoverEvery Lovin’ LoverEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
I Love To LaughRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
I Met A Little Miss (. . . And Asked For A Little Kiss)Composer Unknown
I Met My WaterlooArthur Johnson, Sam Coslow
I Miss Your KissSunny Skylar, Buddy Kaye
I Must Have That ManJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
I Never Felt This Way BeforeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Al Dubin
I Should CareAxel Stordahl, Paul Weston, Sammy Cahn
I Surrender DearGordon Clifford, Harry Barris
I Wanna Be AroundS. Vimmerstedt, Johnny Mercer
I Want A Man Like ThatVincent Youmans, Oscar Hammerstein II
I Want To Blow NowBennie Green
I Want To Hold Your HandJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney
I Want To LiveSammy Fain
I Want To Love youEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Marshall Barer
I Was Made to Love YouCharles Tobias, Harold Veo, Doris Tauber
I Wish You LoveCharles Trenet
I Wonder WhyMae Davis
IDIOM ‘59Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Idiom ‘59 Part IVaporEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Idiom ‘59 Part IIEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Idiom ‘59 Part IIIEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
If Dreams Come TrueEdgar Sampson, Benny Goodman, Irving Mills
If I Can’t Have You (see - I Don’t Want Anybody At All)Jule Styne, Herb Magidson
If I Give My Heart To YouJimmy Brewster, Jimmie Crane, Al Jacobs
If I Loved YouRichard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II
If I Ruled The WorldLeslie Bricusse, Cyril Ornandel
If I Thought You CaredImaginationEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills
If I Were YouLee Adams, Charles Strouse
If You Are But A DreamMoe Jaffe, Jack Fulton, Nat Bonx
If You Can’ Hold The Man You Love ( . . . Don’t Cry When He’s Gone)Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal
If You Were In My Place ( . . . What Would You Do?)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Henry Nemo, Irving Mills
If You’re Ever in My Arms AgainJimmy Van Heusen, Henry Mahr
IgooEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Imagination (see - If I Thought You Cared)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills
Imagine My FrustrationWhen I’m Feeling Kinda BlueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Gerald Wilson
Imbo (see - Limbo Jazz)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Immigration BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
In A Blue Summer GardenEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
In A JamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
In A Mellow ToneBaby, You And MeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Milton Gabler
In A MizzCharlie Barnet, Haven Johnson
In A Red Little CottageEric Frykman, Sven Paddock, Irving Mills
In A Sentimental MoodEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
In Duplicate (see - In Triplicate)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
In Quadruplicate (see - In Triplicate)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
In The AlleyLouis Bellson
In The Beginning GodPacabe (I Theme) - Olds (II Theme)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
In The Hall Of The Mountain KingEdvard Grieg
In The MoodJoe Garland, Andy Razaf
In The Shade Of The Old Apple treeEgbert Van Alstyne, Harry Williams
In TriplicateIn Duplicate - In QuadruplicateEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Indian Love CallRudolph Friml, Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II
Indian SummerVictor Herbert, Al Dubin
Indigo EchoesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Informal BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Interlude (see - Cy Runs Rock Waltz)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Intimate InterludeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Into Each Life Some Jazz Must FallEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Intro (see - Race)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Irresistible YouGene DePaul, Don Raye
Is God A Three-Letter Word For Love?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Is It A Sin? ( . . . My Loving You)J.Walter Leopold, Vincent Carus, Emma Bryan
Is That ReligionMaceo Pinkard, Mitchell Parish
IsfahanElfEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Island VirginObmilEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Isle Of CapriWill Grosz, Jimmy Kennedy
Isn’t Love The Strangest Thing?J.Fred Coots, Bennie Davis
It Can’t Be WrongMax Steiner, R. Gannon
It Don’t Mean A Thing ( . . . If It Ain’t Got That Swing)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
It Shouldn’t Happen To A DreamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Don George
It Was A Sad Night In HarlemHelmy Kresa, Al Lewis
It’s A Lonesome Old Town ( . . . When You’re Not Around)Charles Kisco, Harry Tobias
It’s All Coming Home To YouPorter Grainger
It’s Bad To Be ForgottenM.G.Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
It’s Been So LongWalter Donaldson, Harold Adamson
It’s FreedomWord You Heard - Sweet Fat And ThatEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
It’s GloryM’moniaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
It’s Gonna Be A Cold, Cold Winter ( . . . So Get Another Place To Stay)Porter Grainger, Jo Trent
It’s Kind Of Lonesome Out TonightEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
It’s Love I’m InEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Thornton Hee, Phil Coltrell
It’s Mad, Mad, MadSydney Shaw, Irene Higginbotham
It’s Monday Every DaySydney Robin
It’s RumorEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
It’s Sad But TrueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
It’s Square but It RocksFreddie Slack, Carl Sigman
It’s Swell Of YouHarry Revel, Mack Gordon
It’s The Dreamer In MeJimmy Dorsey, Jimmy Van Heusen
It’s The Same Old StoryNewt Oliphant, Michael Field
It’s The Talk Of The TownJay Livingston, Marty Symes, Al J. Nieburg
I’d Do It All Over AgainJames Cavanaugh, Dick Robertson, Frank Weldon
I’ll Buy That DreamAllie Wrubel, Herb Magidson
I’ll Get ByRoy Turk, Fred E. Ahlert
I’ll Never Forget HimM. McEachern
I’ll Remember HimGene DePaul, Don Raye
I’m Afraid ( . . . Of Loving You Too MuchHere goesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
I’m Beginning to See The LightEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Harry James, Don George
I’m Checking Out - Goom ByeBarney Goin’ EasyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
I’m Getting Sentimental Over YouGeorge Bassman, Ned Washington
I’m Gonna Go Fishin’ (see - Anatomy Of A Murder)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Peggy Lee
I’m Gonna Hang Around My Sugar ( . . . Till I Gather All The Sugar That She’s Got)Jack Palmer, Spencer Williams
I’m Gonna Put You Right In JailLonnie Johnson
I’m Hip TooEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
I’m In Another WordEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Irving Gordon, Irving Mills
I’m In The Mood For LoveJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
I’m Just A Lucky So And SoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mack David
I’m SatisfiedEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mitchell Parish
I’m Slappin’ Seventh Avenue ( . . . With The Sole Of my Shoe)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Henry Nemo, Irving Mills
I’m So In Love With YouEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
I’ve Got The World On A StringHarold Arlen, Ted Koehler
I’ve Got To Be A Rug CutterEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
I’ve Just Seen Her ( . . . As Nobody Else Seen Her)Lee Adams, Charles Strouse
Jack The BearTake It AwayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jail BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jam On Blue (see - Deep Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jam Session (see - C-Jam Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ruth Roberts, Bill Katz, Bob Theile
Jam With SamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jam-A-DittyConcerto For 4 Jazz HornsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jamaica TomboyJimmy Hamilton
Jamin’ And Jubin’ (see - Dusk On The Desert)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
JanetEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Japanese DreamJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Java JiveBen Oakland, Milton Drake
Jazz A La CarteSauce For The GooseEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills
Jazz CocktailBenny Carter
Jazz ConvulsionsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jazz Festival JazzEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Dick Vance
Jazz LipsZonky Blues - Fish Mouth!Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jazz PotpourriMyrtle Avenue StompEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jeep Is Jumpin’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Jeep’s BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
JennieHarry Carney
Jet StripRudolph White
Jig WalkEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Jo Trent
Jimmy's BluesJimmy Rushing
Jingle BellsTrad.
Jitterbug’s Holiday (see - Jitterbug’s Lullaby)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Irving Mills
Jitterbug’s LullabyJitterbug’s HolidayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Irving Mills
Jive JamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jive RhapsodyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jive StompEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
John Hardy’s WifeMercer Ellington
John Sander’s Blues (see - Commercial Time)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rick Henderson
Johnny Come LatelyPBurton Time - Stomp - Little Light PsalmBilly Strayhorn
Jolly HolidayRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Jolly WogEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
JonesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Pauline Reddon
Joog JoogEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Joshua Fit The Battle Of JerichoTrad.
JuanitaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jubilee StompEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jubilee Theme
JubilestaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Juan Tizol, Irving Mills
Juke Bop BoogieEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Chubby Kemp
July 18th BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jump Blues (see - C-Jam Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ruth Roberts, Bill Katz, Bob Theile
Jump For JoyClary, Box And BassEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Paul Francis Webster, Sid Kuller
Jumping Frog jumpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jumping Room OnlyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Jumpin’ At The WoodsideWilliam "Count" Basie
Jumpin’ PunkinsMercer Ellington
Jumpin’ With Symphony SidLester Young
Jumpy (see - Chatterbox)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart, Irving Mills
JuneBarney Bigard
Jungle BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Bubber Miley
Jungle JamboreeThomas "Fats" Waller, Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf
Jungle KittyMeowEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Jungle Nights In HarlemEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Jungle Triangle (see - Skillipoop)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
JuniflipEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Junior HopEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Just A Little JiveBlues With A Bridge - BurgEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Just A-Sittin’ And A-Rockin’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Lee Gaines
Just Another DreamBarney Bigard
Just As Though You Were HereJohn Benson Brooks, Edgar DeLange
Just Blues (see - Waiting For You)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Just Fiddlin’ Around
Just Good FunEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Just One Big Question (see - Meditation)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Just Scratchin’ The SurfaceNew Trends In MusicEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Just Squeeze Me ( . . . But Please Don’t Tease Me)Subtle SloughEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington/
Just You, Just MeJesse Greer, Raymond W. Klages
Kalina (see - Ko-Ko)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
KatiushaMatvej Blanter, Hy Zaret
Keep A Song In Your SoulThomas "Fats" Waller, Alexander Hill
Keep Smiling At The TroubleLewis E. Gensler, Buddy DeSylva, Al Jolson
Kentucky Avenue, A.C.Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Kickapoo Joy JuiceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Kiki (see - Race)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Killian’s LickEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Killin’ MyselfEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Kinda DukishEntertainment IndustryEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
King Fit The Battle Of Alabam’King Fit The Battle Of Jericho’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
King Fit The Battle Of Jericho (see - King Fit The Battle Of Alabam’)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
King’s Lament (see - Clarinet Lament)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard
Kissing BugBilly Strayhorn, Rex Stewart, Joya Sherrill
Kissin’ My Baby GoodnightPete Wendling, Joseph Meyer, Mack David
Kitchen Mechanic’s DayJohnny Hodges, Irving Mills
KittyE.A. Weinstein, E.F. Brier
Kixx (see - The Biggest)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
KlopEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
KnufEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ko-KoKalinaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Krum Elbow BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
La BaronneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
La De Doody DoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Eddie J. Lambert, Stephen Richards
La Dolce VitaNino Rota, Eduardo Verde
La Piccinina (see - Ferryboat Serenade)Eldo Di Lazzaro, Harold Adamson
La Plus Belle AfricaineEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
La Scala, She Too Pretty To Be Blue (see - La Scala, She Too Pretty To Be True)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
La Scala, She Too Pretty To Be TrueLa Scala, She Too Pretty To Be BlueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
La Virgen De La MacarenaBernardo Bautista Monterde, Antonio Ortiz Calaro
LadyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lady Be GoodGeorge Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
Lady In BlueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Lady In Doubt (see - T.T. On Toast)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Lady In RedAllie Wrubel, Mort Dixon
Lady MacEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Lady Of The Lavender MistEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lambeth WalkNoel Gay, Douglas Furber
Lament For JavanetteBarney Bigard, Billy Strayhorn
Lament For Lost LoveSolaceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills
Lament In A Minor Mood (see - Way Low)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lana Turner (see - Charpoy)Billy Strayhorn
Last Minute Blues (see - The Swinger’s Jump)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Last Time AroundEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lately (see - Half The Fun)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
LaterEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Later TonightNaceo Herb Brown, Leo Robin
LATIN AMERICAN SUITE 1. Oclupaca 2. Anticipation And Hesitation 3. Chico Cuadradino 4. Eque 5. Tina 6. The Sleeping Lady 7. Latin-American Sunshine 8. BrasillianceMEXICANTICIPATIONEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Latin American SunshineEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Laugh, Clown, LaughTed Fiorito, Sam Lewis, Joe Young
Laughing On The OutsideB. Wayne, B. Raleigh
LauraD. Raskin, Johnny Mercer
Lauunching PadEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Clark Terry
Lawrence’s Concerto (see - Yearning For Love)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mitchell Parish, Irving Mills
Lay-ByEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Laying On MellowEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lazy Man’s ShuffleRex Stewart
Lazy RhapsodySwanee LullabyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mitchell Parish
Le Jazz Hot (see - Battle Of Swing)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Le Sucrier VelourDo Not DisturbEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
LeleNight SweetEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
LenaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Les Fleurs Africaines (see - Fleurette Africaine)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Les Parapluies De CherbourgMichel Legrand
Let Me Call You SweetheartBeth Slater Whitson, Leo Friedman
Let The Zoomers DroolEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Let’s DanceGregory Stone, Josef Bonime, Fanny Mae Baldridge
Let’s Get TogetherChick Webb
Let’s Go BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Let’s Go Fly A KiteRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Let’s Have A JubileeTrad
LIBERIAN SUITE 1. I Like The Sunrise 2. Dance No 1 3. Dance No 2 4. Dance No 3 5. Dance No 4 6. Dance No 5Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
LightMontageEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lightning Bugs And FrogsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lightnin’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Like A Ship In The NightWill Hudson, Ken Cooper
Like A Train (see - Happy Go Lucky Local)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Like LateSpic And SpanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lily BelleD. Andrew Franklin/Irving Taylor
Limbo BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Limbo JazzImboEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Limehouse BluesPhilip Braham, Douglas Furber
Line (see - Second Line)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Linger AwhileVincent Rose, Harry Owens
LisetteEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Litlle Purple FlowerEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Little African Flowers (see - Fleurette Africaine)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Little John’s TuneJimmy Hamilton
Little Light Psalm (see - Johnny Come Lately)Billy Strayhorn
Little PoseyA Portrait Of Freddy JenkinsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Live And Love TonightArthur Johnson, Sam Coslow
Liza ( . . . All The Clouds Will Roll Away)George Gershwin, Gus Kahn
Li’l FarinaAlvano Mier, Harrison G. Smith
Loco MadiEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lonely Co-EdEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Edgar Leslie
Lonesome LullabyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Long Ago And Far AwayJerome D. Kern, Ira Gershwin
Long Long JourneyLeonard Feather
Long Time BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Long, Strong And ConsecutiveEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mack David
Look What I’ve Got For YouRalph Rainger, Leo Robin
Looking For My ManEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Looking For YesterdayJimmy Van Heusen, Edgar DeLange
Looking GlassEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lost In LovelinessSigmund Romberg, Leo Robin
Lost In MeditationEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Lou Singer, Irving Mills
Lost In The NightRichard Maltby
Lost In Two FlatsBilly Strayhorn
Lot O’ FingersFast And FuriousEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Harold Pottio
Lotus BlossomCharlotte RusseBilly Strayhorn
LouisianaJimmy C. Johnson, Bob Schaefer, Andy Razaf
Love # (see - Mysterious Chick)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Love (see - Balcony Serenade)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Love And IJ. Sillman, I. Graham, J. Baldwin
Love CameEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Love In SwingtimeEddie J. Lambert, Stephen Richards, Irving Mills
Love Is Good For Anything That Ails YouLou Handman, Walter Hirsch
Love Is Just Around The CornerLewis E. Gensler, Leo Robin
Love Is Like A CigaretteWalter Kent, Jerome Jerome, Richard Byron
Love LettersVictor Young, Edward Heyman
Love Like This Can’t LastBilly Strayhorn
Love Scene (see - Making That Scene)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Love To Hear My Baby Call My NameJimmy Rushing
Love You MadlyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Loveless LoveCareless LoveW.C. Handy
Lover Come Back To MeSigmund Romberg, Oscar Hammerstein II
Lover ManJimmy Davis, Roger "Ram" Ramirez, Jimmy Sherman
Love’s In My Heart (see - Swing, Baby, Swing)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Hayes Alvis, Irving Mills
Low Key Lightly (see - Haupé)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lucky Numbers BluesPorter Grainger, Alberta Jones
Lucy (see - Soul Country)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Lullaby For DreamersDick Vance
Lullaby Of BirdlandGeorge Shearing, B.Y. Foster
Lush LifeBilly Strayhorn
M.G. (see - It’s Bad To Be Forgotten)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mac (see - T.G.T.T.)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mack The KnifeKurt Weill, Bertolt Brecht, Marc Blitzstein
Madam ZajjEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Madame Mathilde De TurcaretEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Madame Will Drop Her ShawlHerb Pine/Sam Brown
Mademoiselle De ParisPaul Jules Durand, Henri Alexandre Contet, Eric Maschwitz
Madness In Great ONesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Magenta HazeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Magnolias Dripping With HoneyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
MahaliaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MaieraFred Stone
Main StemAltitude - Swing Shifters Swing # - On Becoming A SquareEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MajorEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Make Me Love You
Making That SceneLove SceneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Malletoba SpankEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Mama BahamaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mambo JamboPerez Prado
Mambo No. 5Perez Prado
MameJ. Woody
MAN WITH FOUR SIDES 1. Happy Go Lucky Local (Like A Train) 2. She 3. It’s Rumor 4. Twilight TimeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Manhattan Murals (see - Take The “A” Train)Billy Strayhorn
Manhattan SerenadeLouis Alter, Harold Adamson
MaoriA Samoan DanceWilliam H. Tyers, Henry Creamer
Mara GoldEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
March Of The HoodlumsHoagy Carmichael
Marcia ReginaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mardi Gras MadnessBarney Bigard
MargieCon Conrad, J. Russel Robinson, Benny Davis
MariaLeonard Bernstein
MassachusettsLuckeyth Roberts, Andy Razaf
Matumbe (see - Congo Square)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Mauve (see - The Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MaybeAllan Flynn, Frank Madden
Maybe I Should Change My WaysEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, John Latouche
Me And My Wig (see - A Slip Of The Lip)Mercer Ellington, Luther Henderson
Me And YouEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mean Old Choo ChooEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MeanderRomantic EncounterEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MeditationJust One Big QuestionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MelancholiaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mella BravaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mellow Ditty (see - Rhapsoditti)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mellow DttyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Memories Of YouEubie Blake, Andy Razaf
Memphis BluesW.C. Handy, George Norton
Memphis WailEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MendozaHardEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Menelik - The Lion Of JudahRex Stewart
Meow (see - Jungle Kitty)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Mercy, Mercy, MercyJosef Zawinul, Gail Fisher Levy, Vincent Levy
Merry Go RoundEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Metcuria The LionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MetromediaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Metronome All OutEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Mexicali RoseJack B. Tunny, Helen Stone
Mich (see - Ocht O’Clock Rock)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Midnight Indigo (see - Haupé)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Midnight SunLionel Hampton, Sonny Burke, Johnny Mercer
MidriffBilly Strayhorn
Mighty Like The BluesLeonard Feather
MinnehahaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Minnie The MoocherCab Calloway, Irving Mills
MinorEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Minuet In BluesBarney Bigard
Misfit BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Miss LucyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mississippi Dream BoatSammy Fain, Lew Brown, Ralph Freed
Mississippi DryVincent Youmans
Mississippi MoanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mister LuckyHenry Mancini, Ray Evans
MistyErroll Garner, Johnny Burke
Misty Mornin’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Arthur Whetsel
MixtBalladEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mkis (see - Soul Soothing Beach)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mobile BayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart
Mobile BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington-Charles "Cootie Williams
Mon Homme (see - My Man)Jacques Charles, Maurice Vain, Channing Pollock, Albert Willemetz
Money JungleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Monk’s DreamThelonius Monk
MonologueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Montage (see - Light)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Montage TonightEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MontevideoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mood IndigoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills
Mood To Be WooedEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Moon MaidenEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Moon MistAtmosphereEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Moon Over CubaLovely Isle Of Porto Rico - Porto Rican GalEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Juan Tizol
Moon Over DixieEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ted Koehler
Moon RiverHenry Mancini, Johnny Mercer
Moon RomanceJohnny Hodges, Irving Mills
MoonbowEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MoonglowWill Hudson, Edgar DeLange, Irving Mills
Moonlight FiestaJuan Tizol, Irving Mills
MoonstoneJimmy Hamilton
MoreNino Oliviero, Riz Ortolani
More Than You KnowVincent Youmans, Edward Eliscu, William Rose
Morning GloryEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Morning MoodEdvard Grieg
MotelEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Motif De FlamandEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mount HarissaNob HillEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Move OverEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mr. Five By FiveGene DePaul, Don Raye
Mr. Gentle And Mr. CoolEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Laura Rembert
Mr. J.B. BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mr. LuckyHenry Mancini
Multicoloured Blue (see - Violet Blue)Billy Strayhorn
My Blue HeavenWalter Donaldson, George Whiting
My BuddyWalter Donaldson, Gus Kahn
My DayJohn Jacob Loeb, Carmen Lombardo, Edward Heyman
My FriendEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
My Funny ValentineRichard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart
My Gal Is Good For Nothing But LoveThomas "Fats" Waller, Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf
My Gal SalPaul Dresser
My Greatest MistakeJack Fulton, Jack O’Brien
My Heart Belongs To DaddyCole Porter
My Heart Jumped Over The MoonJohnny Hodges, Irving Kahal, Irving Mills
My Heart Sings (All Of A Sudden . . . )Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
My Heart Tells MeHarry Warren, Mack Gordon
My Heart, My Mind, My EverythingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
My Honey’s Lovin’ ArmsJoseph Meyer, Herman Ruby
My IdealRichard A. Whiting, Leo Robin, Newell Chase
My Irish ColeenDon Rodney
My Last GoodbyeEddy Howard
My Little Brown BookBilly Strayhorn
My LoveEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
My ManMon HommeMaurice Yvain, Channing Pollock
My Man Sends MeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
My Melancholy BabyErnie Burnett, George A. Norton
My Mother, My Father And LoveEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
My Old FlameArthur Johnston, Sam Coslow
My PeopleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
MY PEOPLE 01.Come Sunday 02. Will You Be There? 03. 99% Won’t Do 04. Ain’t But The One 05. David Danced=Come Sunday 06. My Mother, My Father And Love 07. Guitar Amour 08. After Bird Jungle 09. Light (Montage) 10. Strange Feeling 11. My People 12. The Blues 13. Blues At Sundown 14. Walkin’ And Singin’ The Blues 15. Jail Bird (Workin’ Blues) 16. My Man Sends Me 17. Jail Blues 18. I Love My Lovin’ Lover 19. Skillipoop (Jungle Triangle) 20. King Fit The Battle Of Alabam' 21. King Fit The Battle Of Alabam’ 22. Purple People (Section 1) 23. What Colour Is Virtue?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
My Sunday GalEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Myrtle Avenue Stomp (see - Jazz Potpourri)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Mysterious ChickLove #Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
M’monia (see - It’s Glory)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
NagoyaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Naibara (see - Arabesque Cookie)
Naidni RemmusWilliam Strethen "Wild Bill" Davis
Naivete (see - Dancers In Love)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Nameless HourNorman Symonds
Narration To “A Drum Is A Woman”Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Narration To “Portrait Of Ella Fitzgerald”Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
NaturellementEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Near MessBilly Strayhorn
Near NorthEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
NeenahEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Neo-CreoleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Nerves, Nerves, NervesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sid Kuller
NevadaWalter Donaldson, Mort Greene
Never Again (see - Clouds In My Heart)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills
Never No Lament (see - Don’t Get Around Much Anymore)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sidney Keith "Bob" Russell
Never On SundayM. Hadjidakis
Never Stop Remembering BillEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
New OrleansEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
New Orleans Low DownEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
NEW ORLEANS SUITEEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
New Trends In Music (see - Just Scratchin’ The Surface)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
NEW WORLD A-COMIN’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
New York City BluesAn Urban FantasyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
New York, New YorkEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
NEWPORT JAZZ FESTIVAL SUITE 1. Festival Junction 2. Blues To Be There 3. Newport UpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Newport UpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Night And DayCole Porter
NIGHT CREATURE_x000B_1. Blind Bug_x000B_2. Stalking Monster_x000B_3. Dazzling CreatureEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Night House (see - Sepia Panorama)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Night SongJuan Tizol, Jimmy Mundy, Irving Mills
Night StickEdwin Swanston
Night Sweet 9see - Lele)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Night TimeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Doris Julian
Night WalkWilliam "Cat" Anderson
Night Wind (see - Finesse)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
NightlifeLee Adams, Charles Strouse
Nine Little Miles ( . . . From Ten Ten Tennessee)C. Conrad, Al Sherman, Al Lewis
Ninety-Nine Per Cent (see - 99% Won’t Do)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Nite (see - Paris Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
No Greater Love (There Is . . . )Isham Jones, Marty Symes
No Love, No NothingHarry Warren, Leo Robin
No Papa NoVictoria Spivey
No RegretsCharles Dumont
No SmokingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
No TitleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Nob Hill (see - Mount Harissa)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve SeenTrad.
Nobody Was Looking (see - There Was Nobody Looking)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Noir BleuBilly Strayhorn
Non-Violent IntegrationWho Struck John?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Noon MooningEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Northern LightsBilly Strayhorn
Norwegian WoodJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney
Not A Portrait Of Count Basie (see - The Piano Player)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Nothin’, Nothin’, Baby ( . . . Without You)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Nova Exotique (see Afro Bossa)
Now Ain’t ItEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Now I KnowHarold Arlen, Ted Koehler
Obmil (see - Island Virgin)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Ocht O’Clock RockMich - Tropical DelightEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
OclupacaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ogeechee River LullabyLeo Wood, Jack Palmer, Cab Calloway
Oh Babe, Maybe SomedayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Oh! Lady Be GoodGeorge Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
Oh! WellLuther Henderson
Oh, Babe! (see - Delta Serenade)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Manny Kurtz, Irving Mills
Oh, How I Love My DarlingWalter Donaldson
OinkBilly Strayhorn
Oklahoma StompEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Old FolksWillard Robinson, Dedette Lee Hill
Old King DoojiEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Old Man BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Old PlantationJohn Redmond, Lee David
Olds (see - In The Beginning God)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ole Buttermilk SkyHoagy Carmichael, Jack Brooks
Ol’ Man RiverJerome D. Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II
On A Clear DayBurton Lane, Alan Jay Lerner
On A Turquoise CloudEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Lawrence Brown
On Becoming A Square (see - Main Stem)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
On The AirEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
On The AlamoIsham Jones, Gus Kahn
On The Atcheson, Topeka And Santa FeHarry Warren, Johnny Mercer
On The Sands Of TimePiyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
On The Sunny Side Of The StreetJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Once In A Blue (see - December Blue)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Once In A Blue MoodEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Once There Lived A FoolLeRoy Holmes, Tommy Edwards
Once Upon A DreamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Thornton Hee, Phil Coltrell
Once Upon A TimeLee Adams, Charles Strouse
One More OnceOne More Time - One More Twist - The Good Years Of JazzEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
One More Time (see - One More Once)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
One More Time For The PeopleThere’s A PlaceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
One More Twist (see - One More Once)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
One Note SambaAntonio Carlos Jobim, Newton Mendonca
One O’Clock JumpWilliam "Count" Basie, Eddie Durham
One, Two Button Your ShoeArthur Johnston, Johnny Burke
Only JoyfulEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Oodles Of Noodles (see - Contrasts)Jimmy Dorsey
Open EarsJohnny Hodges
Opening TitlesA.C.Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Orchids For Madame
Orchids For RemembrancePeter DeRose, Mitchell Parish
Organ RagWilliam Strethen "Wild Bill" Davis
OrgasmDon Byas
Orion Fantasy (see - Frantic Fantasy)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart
Orle (see - Bourbon Street Jingling Jollies)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
OrsonEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
OrtseamLouis Bellson
OscalypsoOscar Pettiford, Lester Trotman
Our ChildrenLee Adams, Charles Strouse
Out Of NowhereJohnny Green, Edward Heyman
Out Of This WorldHarold Arlen, Johnny Mercer
Out SouthEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
OvertureAnnonce Du SpectacleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Over The WavesJuventino Rosas
OverturePiyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
Overture To A Jam SessionBilly Strayhorn
P.S. 170Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Pacabe (see - In The Beginning God)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
PaducahDon Redman
Paper DollJohnny S. Black
ParadiseBilly Strayhorn
Paris BluesNite - Autumnal SuiteEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
PARIS BLUES 01. Sophisticated Lady 02. Nite 03. Autumnal Suite 04. Birdie Jungle 05. Paris Stairs 06. Paris Blues 07. Paris Blues 08. Autumnal Suite 09. The Clothed Woman 10. Paris BounceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Paris StairsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Park At 106thEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Parlor Social De LuxeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Jo Trent, Irving Mills
Parlor Social StompEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Pass Out Blues
Passion FlowerBilly Strayhorn
PastelEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
PatEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Pat Your FeetEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
PBurton Time (see - Johnny Come Lately)Billy Strayhorn
Peanut Brittle BrigadePiyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
Peckin’Ben Pollack, Harry James
PEER GYNT SUITES NOS. 1 AND 2 1. Morning Mood 2. In The Hall Of The Mountain King 3. Solvejg’s Song 4. Ase’s Death 5. Anitra’s DanceEdvard Grieg
Peg O’ My HeartFred Fisher, Alfred Bryan
PekeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Pelican DragHarry Carney
Pennies From HeavenArthur Johnston, Johnny Burke
PeopleJule Styne, Bob Merrill
People Will Say We’re In LoveRichard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II
PerdidoJuan Tizol
PERFUME SUITE 1. Balcony Serenade (Love) 2. Strange Feeling (Violence) 3. Dancers In Love (Naivete) 4. Coloratura (Sophistication)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
PhalangesLouis Bellson
Piano Improvisation No. 1Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Piano Improvisation No. 2Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Piano Improvisation No. 3Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Piano Improvisation No. 4. (see - Bitches’ Ball)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Piano InterludeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Piano PastelEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Piano TinkleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Pie Eye’s BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Pig StyBilly Strayhorn
Pigeons And PeppersEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mercer Ellington
Pitter Panther PatterEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Play The Blues And Go HomeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Pleadin’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Please Be KindSaul Chaplin, Sammy Cahn
Please Forgive MeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Gordon, Irving Mills
Plucked AgainEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Poco MuchoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
PoincianaNat Simon, Buddy Bernier
PoliciaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Polly’s Theme (see - Haupé)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
PomegranateEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Poodle Dog Rag (see - Soda Fountain Rag)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Poor BubberRex Stewart
Poor ButterflyRaymond Hubble, John Golden
PorgyJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields
Portrait In BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Portrait Of The LionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
PORTRAIT OF ELLA FITZGERALD_x000B_1. Royal Ancestry_x000B_2. All Heart_x000B_3. Beyond Category_x000B_4. Total JazzEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Portrait Of Louis ArmstrongEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Portrait Of Sidney BechetEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Portrait Of Wellman BraudEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Portriat Of Mahalia JacksonEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Prairie Fantasy (see - Frantic Fantasy)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart
Praise God And DanceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
PratEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Prelude In C Sharp MinorSergei Rachmaninov
Prelude To A KissEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Gordon, Irving Mills
Pretty GirlRick Henderson
Pretty Little OneBilly Strayhorn
Pretty Little Thing (see - Eggo)
Pretty People’s PleaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Pretty WomanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Prima Para DublaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Primping At The PromEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Princess BlueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Prisoner Of LoveClarence Gaskill, Russ Columbo, Leo Robin
Progressive GavotteBilly Strayhorn
PromenadeRed CircleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Purple GazelleAngelica - AngeliqueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Purple PeopleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Pussy WillowEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Put Yourself In My Place BabyHoagy Carmichael, Sammy Fain
PyramidEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Juan Tizol, Irving Gordon, Irving Mills
Quidado (see - Vagabonds)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Juan Tizol, Johnny Burke
R.T.M.William Strethen "Wild Bill" Davis
RaceKiki - Intro - Racing - Daily DoubleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Racing (see - Race)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ragamuffin RomeoMabel Wayne, Harry De Costa
Rain In Your Eyes (see - Teardrops In The Rain)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, William "Cat" Anderson
RaincheckBilly Strayhorn
Rainy Days (see - Rainy Nights)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rainy NightsRainy DaysEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Raisin’ The RentHarold Arlen, Ted Koehler
Ray Charles’ PlaceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ready EddyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ready-GoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Red CarpetEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Red Circle (see - Promenade)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Red GarterEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Red Hot BandJimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields, Danni Healy
Red Roses For A Blue LadySid Tepper, Tony Bennet
Red ShoesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Reflections In DEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
RelaxingRon Collier
REMINISCING IN TEMPOEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rendezvous With RhythmEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Rent Party BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
RetrospectionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
RevaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Revolutionary March (see - Alcibiades)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
RexatiousRex Stewart
RextEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rex’s Concerto (see - Trumpet In Spades)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
RhapsodittiMellow DittyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rhapsody In BlueGeorge Gershwin
RhumbopEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Rhythm Pum Te DumEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Ricard (see - Absinthe)
Rickshaw (see - Smada)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
RiddleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ride Red RideHenry "Red" Allen, Lucky Millinder, Irving Mills
Ridin’ On A Blue NoteEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Gordon, Irving Mills
Riff Staccato (Otto Make That . . . )Si Schwartz, Milton Orent
Riff ‘N’ DrillEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Right On TogoBussEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ring Around The MoonEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sidney Keith "Bob" Russell
Ring Dem BellsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
RiverboatCountryEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
RobbersEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rock City RockEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rock Skippin’ At The Blue NoteEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Rock The ClockEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rockabye RiverHop, Skip, JumpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rockin’ ChairHoagy Carmichael
Rockin’ In RhythmEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Harry Carney, Irving Mills
RockochetEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rocks In My BedEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rocky Mountain BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Rod La RocqueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Romantic Encounter (see - Meander)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Romantic SeasonEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
RondoletSlamar In D FlatEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rose Of The Rio GrandeHarry Warren, Ross Gorman, Edgar Leslie
Rose RoomArt Hickman, Harry Williams
Royal AncestryEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Royal Garden BluesClarenceWilliams, Spencer Williams
Rubber BottomEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rude InterludeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rue BleuEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rugged RomeoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rumpus In RichmondBrassiereEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Rumpus In Richmond (see - Harlem Air Shaft)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Runnin’ WildA.Harrington Gibbs, Joe Grey, Leo Wood
Russian Dance (see - The Volga Vouty)Piyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
S'WonderfulGeorge Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
Saddest TaleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
SaloméRaymond Fol
Salty Papa BluesLeonard Feather
Salute To Morgan StateEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sam And DelilahGeorge Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
Sam Woodyard’s BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
San Fernando ValleyGordon Jenkins
San Juan HillEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart, Brick Fleagle
Sans SnyphelleWilliam Strethen "Wild Bill" Davis
Santa Claus, Bring My Man Back To MePorter Grainger
SarahEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Saratoga SwingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Satan Takes A HolidaySpooky Takes A HolidayLarry Clinton
Satin DollEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Johnny Mercer
Saturday Night FunctionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard
Sauce For The Goose (see - Jazz A La Carte)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills
Savoy StrutEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Scattin At The Kit KatScattin’ At The Cotton ClubEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Scattin’ At The Cotton Club (see - Scattin At The Kit Kat)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Sche (see - Chinoiserie)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
SchwiphtiThe Fog That Clouds ItEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Scubie-Dubie Work Song (see - The First Dive)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Second LineLineEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Second MovementEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
SECOND SACRED CONCERT 01. Praise God And Dance (Opening Theme) 02. Supreme Being 03. Something ‘Bout Believing 04. Almighty God 05. The Shepherd 06. Heaven 07. It’s Freedom 08. Meditation 09. The Biggest 10. T.G.T.T. 11. Don’t Get Down On Your Knees 12. Father Forgive 13. Don’t Get Down On Your Knees 14. Praise God And Dance 15. 99% Won’t DoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Segue In CFrank Wess
Sempre Amore (see - Frontin’)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sensous (see - She)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sent For You YesterdayEddie Durham, William "Count" Basie, Jimmy Rushing
Sentimental JourneyBen Homer, Bud Greene, Les Brown
Sepia PanoramaNight HouseEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
September 12th BluesA Medium BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
September SongKurt Weill, Maxwell Anderson
Serenade To SwedenEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Carl Sigman
Serenade To the Bird (see - Addi)
Serious Serenade ( . . . In B Flat Minor)BarisolEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Set ‘Em UpMercer Ellington
SevieBlues In C MinorEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sex In A Flat (see - Steppin’ Into Swing Society)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Henry Nemo, Irving Mills
SharpieIrving Mills
SheSensousEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
She Didn;t Have Much To SayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
She Loves YouJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney
She Walks Well (see - Beautiful Woman Walks Well)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
She Was A Tinkling ThingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
She Wouldn’t Be MovedMercer Ellington, Luther Henderson
She’s GoneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Charles "Cootie" Williams
She’s Gone To Join The Songbirds In HeavenPorter Grainger, Clarence Williams
She’s Leaving HomeJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney
ShineFord Dabney, Cecil Mack (aka Richard C. McPherson), Lew Brown
Shine On Harvest MoonJack Norwood, Nora Bayes
Shoe Shine BoySaul Chaplin, Sammy Cahn
Short Sheet ClusterEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Clark Terry
Shout ‘Em Aunt TillieEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Show MeFrederick Loewe, Alan Jay Lerner
Show ‘Em You Got ClassEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sid Kuller
Showboat ShuffleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Shuckin’ And Stiffin’ (see - Cotton Tail)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
ShuffleladyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Silent Night, Holy NightRon Collier
Silk LaceCalineEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Silvery Moon And Golden SandsHarry Pease, Billy Haid, Larry Stock
Since you Went AwayReuben C. Riddick, Lewis C. Smith
Sing You SinnersSam Coslow, W.Frank Harling
Singin’ In The RainNaceo Herb Brown, Arthur Freed
Single Petal Of A RoseEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sister SuffragetteRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Sittin’ At The Seance
Six Or Seven TimesThomas "Fats" Waller, Irving Mills
SkillipoopJungle TriangleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Skin DeepLouis Bellson
SkronchEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Henry Nemo. Irving Mills
Skunk Hollow BluesJohnny Hodges
Slamar In D Flat (see - RondoletEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Slap HappyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sleep, Sleep, SleepFred Waring, Adam Geibel
Slippery HornEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sloppy JoeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard
Slow BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Slow Blues EnsembleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Slow MotionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Slow Tune (see - All Too Soon)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Carl Sigman
SmadaRickshaw - Ugly Duckling - Smoky City -Don't Take My NameEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
SmileCharles Chaplin, Geoffrey Parsons, John Turner
Smoke RingsGene Gifford, Ned Washington
Smoky City (see - Smada)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Smorgasbord And SchnappsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart, Brick Fleagle
Snake Hip DanceThomas "Fats" Waller, , Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf
SniborThe New LookBilly Strayhorn
SoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
So Far, So GoodJimmy Mundy, Edward R. White, Jack Lawrence
So Little TimeThe Peking ThemeDmitri Tiomkin, Paul Francis Webster
So LongRuss Morgan, Remus Harris, Irving Melsher
So You’re The One
So, I’ll Come Back For MoreEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart, Brick Fleagle
Soda Fountain RagPoodle Dog Rag - Swing SessionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Soft (see - The Spring)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Solace (see - Lament For Lost Love)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills
Solid Old ManEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
SoliloquyRube Bloom
SolitudeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Edgar DeLange, Irving Mills
Solvejg’s SongEdvard Grieg
Some SaturdayRex Stewart
Some Summer FunEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Somebody CaresEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Somebody Loves MeGeorge Gershwin, Ballard MacDonald, Buddy DeSylva
Someday I’ll Meet You AgainMax Steiner, Ned Washington
SomeoneAlone Again - You’ve Got My Heart - The Sky Fell DownEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
SomethingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Something Sexual (see - Dual Highway)Johnny Hodges
Something To Live For (I Want . . . )Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Something ‘Bout BelievingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sonata (see - Balcony Serenade)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Song And DanceGordon Delamont
Song From “Moulin Rouge”George Auric, William Engwick
Song Of The cotton FieldPorter Grainger
Song Of The Swamp (see - Chloe)Neil Moret (Charles N. Daniels)
SonnetEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sonnet For CaesarEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Sonnet For Sister KateEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Sonnet In Search Of A MoorEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Sonnet To Hank CinqEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
SonoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Soon It’s Gonna RainTom Jones, Harvey Schmidt
Sophisticated LadyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mitchell Parish, Irving Mills
Sophistication (see - Coloratura)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Soso (see - Woods)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Soul CallCountdownLouis Bellson
Soul CountryLucyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Soul FluteFlute AmeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Soul Soothing BeachMkisEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Soul TrainEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
SpacemenThree TrumpsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Spanish FleaJ. Wechter
Speak To Me Of LoveJ. Lenoir
Spic And Span (see - Like Late)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
SponEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sponge Cake And SpinnachEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Spooky Takes A Holiday (see - Satan Takes A Holiday)Larry Clinton
Springtime In AfricaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, A. Bell
Squatty RooJohnny Hodges
Squeeze MeThomas "Fats" Waller, Clarence Williams
St. James InfirmaryJoe Primrose
St. lLouis BluesW.C. Handy
Stack O’Lee BluesRay Lopez, Lew Colwell
Stalking MonsterEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
StarEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Star Blues (see - Blues In Orbit)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Star Spangled BannerTrad.
Star-Crossed LoversEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
StardustHoagy Carmichael, Mitchell Parish
StarsDorothy Parker
Stay AwakeRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Step In TimeRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Steppin’ Into Swing SocietySex In A FlatEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Henry Nemo, Irving Mills
Stevedore Jump (see - Stevedore Stomp)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Stevedore StompStevedore JumpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Stevedor’s SerenadeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Hilly Edelstein, Irving Gordon
Stew Burp (see - Boy Meets Horn)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart, Irving Mills
Still WaterDick Vance
Stomp CapriceBilly Strayhorn
Stomp (see - Johnny Come Lately)Billy Strayhorn
Stomp For Beginners (see - Dancers In Love)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Stomp Soul JumpWilliam Strethen "Wild Bill" Davis
Stomp, Look And ListenEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Stompin’ At The SavoyChick Webb, Edgar Sampson, Benny Goodman, Andy Razaf
Stompy JonesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
StoonaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Stormy Monday BluesAaron "T-Bone" Walker
Stormy WeatherHarold Arlen, Ted Koehler
Strange FeelingViolenceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Strange LoveMiklos Rozsa, Edward Heyman
Strange VisitorAlice Babs
Stranger On The ShoreAcker Bilk, Robert Mellin
Strictly For touristEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sid Kuller
String Along With StringsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Stud (see - The Neo-Hip-Hop Cool Kiddies Community)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Subtle LamentEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Subtle Slough (see - Just Squeeze Me)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Lee Gaines
Such Sweet ThunderEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
SUCH SWEET THUNDER 01. Such Sweet Thunder 02. Sonnet For Caesar 03. Sonnet For Hank Cinq 04. Lady Mac 05. Sonnet In Search Of A Moor 06. The Telecasters 07. Up And Down, Up And Down 08. Sonnet For Sister Kate 09. Star-Crossed Lovers 10.Madness In Great Ones 11. Half The Fun 12. Circle Of FourthsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Suddenly It JumpedEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sugar Hill PenthouseCreamy Brown - SymphonetteEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sugar Hill Shim ShamYou Ain’t In Harlem NowEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart
Sugar Rum CherryPiyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
SUITE FOR SWINGING 1. Igoo 2. Shufflelady 3. Volupté 4. Soul Train 5. Igoo 6. Spon 7. ShuffleladyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
SUITE THURSDAY 1. Misfit Blues 2. Schwiphti 3. Zweet Zurzday 4. Lay-ByEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sultry SerenadeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Tyree Glenn
Sultry SunsetHow Could You Do A Thing Like that To Me?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Summer SambaMarcos Kostenbader Valle, Paulo Sergio Valle
SummertimeGeorge Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
Sump’n’ Bout RhythmEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Manny Kurtz, Irving Mills
Sunday, Monday Or AlwaysJimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke
SunnyBobby Hebb
Sunset And The Mocking BurdBilly Strayhorn
Sunswept SundayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
SupercalifragilistcexpialidociousRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Supreme BeingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Swamp DrumBilly Strayhorn
Swamp FireHarold Mooney, Irving Taylor
Swamp GooEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Swampy RiverEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Swanee Lullaby (see - Lazy Rhapsody)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mitchell Parish
Swanee ShufflesIrving Berlin
Swanny ShufflesFussy PussEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sweet AdelineHenry W. Armstrong, Richard H. Gerard
Sweet And PungentBilly Strayhorn
Sweet ChariotEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Sweet Dreams Of LoveEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Sweet Fat And That (see - It’s Freedom)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sweet Georgia BrownMaceo Pinkard, Ben Bernie, Kenneth Casey
Sweet Jazz O’ MineEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Sweet LorraineCliff Burwell, Mitchell Parish
Sweet MamaSweet PapaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Sweet Mama, Papa’s Getting MadPeter L. Frost, George Little, William Rose
Sweet Papa (see - Sweet Mama)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Swing LowEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Swing Pan AlleyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Charles "Cootie" Williams
Swing Session (see - Soda Fountain Rag)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Swing Shifters SwingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Swing Shifters Swing # (see - Main Stem)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Swing, Baby, SwingLove’s In My HeartEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Hayes Alvis, Irving Mills
Swinging In The DellEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Swingin’ On The CampusJohnny Hodges
Swingtime In HonoluluEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Henry Nemo, Irving Mills
Switch BladdeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
SylviaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
SYMPHOMANIAC_x000B_1. Symphonic Or Bust_x000B_2. How You SoundEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Symphonette (see - Sugar Hill Penthouse)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Symphonic Or BustEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
SYMPHONY IN BLACK 1. The Laborers 2. A Triangle 3. A Hymn Of Sorrow 4. Harlem RhythmEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Syncopated ShuffleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
S’PosinPaul Denniker, Andy Razaf
T.G.T.T. (Too Good To Title)MacEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
T.T. On ToastLady In DoubtEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Taffy TwistMercer Ellington
Take FivePaul Desmond
Take It Away (see - Jack The Bear)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Take It EasyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Take It From ThereRalph Rainger, Leo Robin
Take It SlowBilly Strayhorn
Take Love EasyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Take The ColtraneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Take The “A” TrainManhattan MuralsBilly Strayhorn
TangDjango, DjangoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
TangerineVictor Schertzinger, Johnny Mercer
Tap Dancer’s BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
TapiocaBilly Strayhorn
Tasty Cake SongComposer not known
Tea And TrumpetsTrumpologyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tea For TwoVincent Youmans, Irving Caesar
Teach Me TonightGene De Paul, Sammy Cahn
Teak Forest (see - Afrique)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Teardrops In The RainRain In Your EyesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, William "Cat" Anderson
TegoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tell It To A StarShirley Botwin
Tell Me It’s The TruthThe Truth - TrueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tell Me ‘Bout My Baby (see - I Don’t Want Nobody But You)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tell Me, Tell Me, Dream Face (see - Tulip Or Turnip)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
Tell Ya What I’m Gonna DoJohnny Green, Rahn Burton
Telstar (see - Tigress)Billy Strayhorn
Tender (see - Blues In Orbit)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
TenderlyWalter Gross, Jack Lawrence
TenzEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Thanks For The Beautiful Land ( . . . On The Delta)UpthEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
That Lindy HopEubie Blake, Andy Razaf
That Reminds MeLew Pollack
That Rhythm ManThomas "Fats" Waller, Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf
That’s For MeRichard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II
That’s Love (see - Anatomy Of A Murder)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
That’s The Blues Old ManJohnny Hodges
The Air-Minded Jungle (see - Air Conditioned Jungle)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Jimmy Hamilton
The AnticipationEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The B.O. Of TrafficEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Beautiful AmericansEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
THE BEAUTIFUL AMERICANS_x000B_1. Minnehaha_x000B_2. HiawathaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Beautiful Dream (see - Zweet Zurzday)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Bend (see - Bensonality)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Biggest ( . . . And Busiest Intersection)Traffic Jam - Kixx - Warr - A Fire And Brimstone SermonetteEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The BluesMauveEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Blues #Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Blues Ain’tEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Blues I Love To Hear (see - The Blues I Love To Sing)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Bubber Miley
The Blues I Love To SingThe Blues I Love To HearEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Bubber Miley
The Blues With A FeelingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Boy In My Dreams (see - The Girl In My Dreams)Mercer Ellington
The Breakfast DanceEverydayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The BrotherhoodEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Buffet FlatEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Canteen BounceJohnny Fortis, Max Spickol
The Cat And The Fiddle (Hey Diddle Diddle . . . )Jerome D. Kern
The Clothed WomanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The ClownCharles Mingus
The CreeperEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
THE DEGAS SUITE 01. Opening Titles 02. Race 03 Racing (Race) 04. Trump (Anticipation And Hesitation) 05. Improvisations (Marcia Regina) 06. Race 07. Daily Double (Race) 08. Drawings 09. Piano Pastel 10. Promenade 11. Sonnet 12. Prat 13. PastelTHE IMPRESSIONISTS AT THE RACETRACKEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Donkey SerenadeRudolph Friml, Herbert Stothart, Bob Wright, Chet Forrest
The Drum And The BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Duke Steps OutEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The FallsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Feeling Of JazzEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Bobby Troup, George T. Simon
The First DiveScubie-Dubie Work SongEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Fog That Clouds It (see - Schwiphti)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The General Jumped At DawnEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Giddy-Bug GallopEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Giggling RapidsGigl - Grap - Big Bubble ComingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Girl In My Dreams ( . . . Tries To Look Like You)The Boy In My DreamsMercer Ellington
THE GIRLS SUITE 01. Girls 02. Mahalia 03. Peg O’ My Heart 04. Sweet Adeline 05. Juanita 06. Sylvia 07. Lena 08. Dinah 09. Clementine 10. Diane 11. SarahEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Golden BroomEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Marshall Barer
THE GOLDEN BROOM AND THE GREEN APPLE 1. The Golden Broom 2. The Green Apple 3. The Handsome Traffic PolicemanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Marshall Barer
The Good LifeSasha Distel, Jack Reardon
The Good Years Of Jazz (see - One More Once)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
THE GOUTELAS SUITE_x000B_1. Goutelas_x000B_2. Get-With-Itness_x000B_3. Something_x000B_4. Having At It_x000B_5. FanfareEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Greatest There IsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Green AppleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Marshall Barer
The Handsome Traffic PolicemanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Marshall Barer
The HappeningP. Gonsalves
The Hard WayEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Hawk TalksLouis Bellson
The HucklebuckAlfred Gibson, Roy Alfred
The Intimacy Of The BluesBilly Strayhorn’s RiffBilly Strayhorn
The Jungle (see - Addi)
The Kiss
The Kissing MistEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The LaborersEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Lady Is A TrampRichard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart
The Lady Who Couldn’t Be KissedHarry Warren, Al Dubin
The LakeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Last Time I Saw YouMarjorie Goetschius, Edna Osser
The Lazy DukeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Life I LeadRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
The Lighter Attitude (see Emancipation Celebration)
The Lonely OnesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
The Lords Prayer #Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Lord’s PrayerEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Majesty Of GodEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Midnight Sun Will Never SetQuincy Jones, Henri Gabriel Salvador, Dorcas Cochran
The Minor Goes Muggin’Sy Oliver
The Moment Of TruthGerald Wilson
The MoocheEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
The More I See YouHarry Warren, Mack Gordon
The Mother, Her Majesty The SeaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Mystery SongEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
The Nature Museum BluesComposer Unknown
The Nearness Of YouHoagy Carmichael, Ned Washington
The Neo-Hip-Hop Cool Kiddies CommunityStudEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The New Look (see - Snibor)Billy Strayhorn
The New Piano Roll BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
THE NUTCRACKER SUITE 1. Overture 2. Toot Toot Tootie Toot 3. Peanut Brittle Brigade 4. Sugar Rum Cherry 5. Entr’acte (Overture) 6. The Volga Vouty 7. Chinoiserie 8. Dance Of The Floreadores 9. Arabesque CookiePiyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
The Old Circus TrainCircusEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The One I Love Belongs To Somebody ElseIsham Jones, Gus Kahn
The One That Got AwayLeonard Feather
The OpenerCharles "Cootie" Williams
The Pacific SplitEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Peanut VendorMoises R. Simons, Marion Sunshine, L. Wolfe Gilbert
The Peking Theme (see - So Little Time)Dmitri Tiomkin, Paul Francis Webster
The Perfect NannyRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
The Petite WaltzJoe Heyne
The Piano PlayerNot A Portrait Of Count BasieEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Preacher’s SongEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Prowling CatWilliam "Cat" Anderson
THE QUEENS SUITE 1. Sunset And The Mockingbird 2. Lightning Bugs And Frogs 3. Le Sicrier Velour 4. Northern Lights 5. Single Petal Of A Rose 6. Apes And PeacocksEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
The Rabbit’s JumpJohnny Hodges
The RiciticEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The RiffEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The RiverEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
THE RIVER 01. The Spring 02. The Run (Marcia Regina) 03. Meander 04. The Giggling Rapids 05. The Lake 06. The Falls_x000B_07. The Whirlpool 08. The River 09. The Neo-Hip-Hop Cool Kiddies Community 10. The Village Of The Virgins 11. The Mother, Her Majesty The SeaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The River And MeHarry Warren, Al Dubin
The River SeineGuy La Farge
The RompBenny Carter
The Second Portrait Of The LionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Second Time AroundJimmy Van Heusen, Sammy Cahn
The Sergeant Was ShyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Shadow Of Your SmileJohnny Mandel, Paul Francis Webster
The Sheik Of ArabyTed Snyder, Harry B. Smith, Francis Wheeler
The ShepherdEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Sidewalks Of New YorkEast Side, West SideCharles B. Lawlor, James W. Blake
The Sky Fell Down (see - Someone)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Sleeping Lady ( . . . And The Giant Who Watches Over Her)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The SpringWell - SoftEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The StrollersJ. Blanton
The Swingers Get The Blues TooEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Matthew Gee
The Swinger’s JumpLast Minute BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
THE TATTOOED BRIDEEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The TelecastersEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
The Things We Did Last SummerEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
The TripEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Truth (see - Tell Me It’s The Truth)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The TwitchEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
THE UWIS SUITE 1. Te Anticipation 2. Loco Madi 3. Uwis 4. KlopEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Village Of The VirginsVivi #Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Volga VoutyRussian DancePiyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
The Vulture SongLincoln Chase
The WailerEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Gerald Wilson
The Waltz You Saved For MeWayne King, Gus Kahn
The West Indian Influence (see - West Indian Dance)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The WhirlpoolEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
The Whole World Is Singing My SongVictor Mizzy, Mann Curtis
The Wildest Gal In TownSammy Fain, Jack Yellen
The Wish That I Wish TonightMaurice K. Jerome, Jack Scholl
The Wonder Of YouYou Left Me Everything But YouEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Don George
The World Is Waiting For The SunriseErnest Seitz, Eugene Lockhart
Them There EyesMaceo Pinkard, William Tracey, Doris Tauber
Theme For TrambeanJimmy Hamilton
Theo’s No
There I GoIrving Weiser, Hy Zaret
There Is Something About MeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
There Shall Be No NightAbner Silver, Gladys Shelly
There Was Nobody LookingNobody Was LookingEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
There Will Never Be Another YouHarry Warren, Mack Gordon
There's A Man In My LifeThomas "Fats" Waller, George Marion Jr.
There’ll Be Some Changes MadeBill Higgins, W. Benton Overstreet
There’s A Lull In My LifeHarry Revel, Mack Gordon
There’s A Place (see - One More Time For The People)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
There’s No One But You
There’s No YouGeorge Durgom, Hal Hopper, Tom Adair
There’s Something About An Old LoveWill Hudson, Sammy Fain, Irving Mills
They Say It’s WonderfulIrving Berlin
Thing’s Ain’t What They Used To BeTime’s A-Wastin’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mercer Ellington, Don George
THIRD SACRED CONCERT 01. Praise God And Dance 02. The Lord’s Prayer 03. Hallelujah 04. Heaven 05. Supreme Being 06. The Majesty Of God 07. Is God A Three-Letter Word For Love? 08. My Love 09. The Brotherhood 10. The Shepherd 11. Tell Me It’s The Truth 12. Somebody Cares 13. Every Man Prays In His Own Language 14. Ain’t Nobody nowhere Nothin’ Without God 15. Praise God And DanceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
This I Love Above AllMilton Ager
This Is AlwaysHarry Warren, Mack Gordon
Three Bears Story
Three Blind MiceChauncey Morehouse
Three Cent StompEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Three J’s BluesJimmy Hamilton
Three Little WordsHarry Ruby, Bert Kalmar
Three Shows NightlyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sid Kuller
Three Trumps (see - Spacemen)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ticket To RideJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney
Tiger RagWhispering TigerHenry Ragas, Eddie Edwards, Nick La Rocca, Tony Sparbaro, Larry Shields
TigressTelstar - Call ‘EmBilly Strayhorn
Time Alone Will TellJames V. Monaco, Mack Gordon
Time On My Hands ( . . . You In My Arms)Vincent Youmans, Harold Adamson, Mack Gordon
Time’s A-Wastin’ (see - Thing’s Ain’t What They Used To Be)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mercer Ellington, Don George
Timon Of Athens March (see Alcibiades)
Tin SoldierEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
TinaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Ting-A-LingLouis Bellson, Charlie Shavers
Tingling Is A HappinessEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tip Toe TopicEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Oscar Pettiford
Tippin’ And Whisperin’William "Cat" Anderson
Tippytoeing Through The Jungle GardenEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tired SocksJohnny Hodges
Tishomingo BluesSpencer Williams
To Know You Is To Love YouEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
To YouT. Jones
Toasted PickleCharles "Cootie" Williams
TogetherRay Henderson, Buddy G. DeSylva, Lew Brown
TOGO BRAVA SUITE 1. Soul Soothing Beach (Mkis) 2. Naturellement (Yoyo) 3. Amour, Amour (To Kee) 4. Right On Togo (Buss)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
TokyoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Jimmy Hamilton
Tomorrow MountainEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, John Latouche
Tonight I Shall Sleep ( . . . With A Smile On My Face)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Gordon, Mercer Ellington
TonkEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Too Kee (see - Amour, Amour)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Too Much In LoveWalter Kent, Kim Gannon
TOOT SUITE 1. Red Garter 2. Red Shoes 3. Red Carpet 4. Ready-GoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Toot Toot Tootie TootDance Of The Reed PipesPiyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
Tootin’ Through The RoofEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tootsie Hill (. . . From Louisville)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Top And BottomCharles "Cootie" Williams
Total JazzEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Toto (see - Afrique)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tough Truckin’Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Mills
Tourist Point Of ViewEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Track 360Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Traffic CopEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Traffic ExtensionEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Traffic Jam (see - The Biggest)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
TransblucencyA Blue Fog That You Can Almost See ThroughEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Lawrence Brown
TreesOtto Rasbach, Joyce Kilmer
Tri-Bop (see - Dance No 2Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tricky’s LickEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Triple PlayBilly Strayhorn
Trombone BluesTom Nixon, Spencer Williams
Trombone BusterEl BustoWilliam "Cat" Anderson
Trombone Trio (see - Bassment)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tropical Delight (see - Ocht O’Clock Rock)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Troubled WatersArthur Johnston, Sam Coslow
Truckin’Rube Bloom, Ted Koehler
True (see - Tell Me It’s The Truth)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Truly WonderfulJohnny Hodges
Trump (see - Anticipation And Hesitation)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Trumpet FugueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Trumpet In SpadesRex’s ConcertoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Trumpet No End (see - Blue Skies)Irving Berlin
Trumpology (see - Tea And Trumpets)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tulip Or TurnipTell Me, Tell Me, Dream FaceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Don George
Tune UpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
TurcaretEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
TURCARET 1. Overture 2. Frontin 3. Lisette 4. La Baronne 5. Turcaret 6. Colère De Turcaret (Turcaret) 7. Chevalier 8. Madame Mathilde De Turcaret 9. Motif De FlamandEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Turkish CoffeeTony Osborne
Tutti For CootieFade upEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Jimmy Hamilton
Tuxedo JunctionErskine Hawkins, William Johnson, Buddy F. Feyne, Julian Dash
Twelfth Street RagEuday L. Bowman, James S. Sumner
Twelve O’Clock JumpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Twilight TimeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Twistin’ TimeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Aaron Bell
Twits And Twerps (see - Boy Meets Horn)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart, Irving Mills
Two Pros (Meet . . . )Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Tymperturbably BlueEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
U.M.M.G. (see - Upper Manhattan Medical Group)Billy Strayhorn
Ugly Duckling (see - Smada)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Ultra BlueUltra Violet - How Blue Can You GetJimmy Hamilton
Ultra DeluxeMercer Ellington
Ultra Violet (see - Ultra Blue)Jimmy Hamilton
Unbooted Character (A Very . . . )Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
UncontrivedEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Under Paris SkiesHubert Giraud, Jean Andre Brun, Kim Gannon
Under The Balcony (see - Balcony Serenade)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Unidentified “A”
Unidentified “B”
Unidentified “C”
Unidentified “D”
Unidentified “E”
Unidentified “F”
Unidentified “G”
Unidentified “H”
Unidentified “I”
Unidentified “J”
Unidentified “K”
Unidentified “L”
Unidentified “M”
Unidentified “N”
Unidentified “O”
Unidentified “P”
Unidentified “Q”
Unidentified “R”
Unidentified “S”
Uno, Due, Tre
Until I Met YouFreddie Green, Donald Wolf
Until It Happened To YouW. Jones
Until TonightEdward Heyman/Victor Young
Untitled LullabyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Up And Down, Up And Down ( . . . I Will Lead The Up And Down)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Up JumpEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Upper And OutestEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Upper Manhattan Medical GroupU.M.M.G.Billy Strayhorn
Upth (see - Thanks For The Beautiful Land)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Uptoen DownbeatEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Utt-Da-ZayBuck Ram, Irving Mills
UwisEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
V.I.P. BoogieEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
VagabondsQuidado - CarefulEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Juan Tizol, Johnny Burke
Vancouver LightsRon Collier
Vapor (see - Idiom ‘59 Part I)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Veldt -AmorEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Very SpecialEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Very TenorEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Victory Drive
Villes Ville Is The Place, ManEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Violence (see - Strange Feeling)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Violet BlueMulticoloured BlueBilly Strayhorn
VIRGIN ISLAND SUITE 1. Island Virgin 2. Virgin Jungle 3. Fiddle On The Diddleer 4. Jungle KittyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Virgin JungleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Vivi # (see - The Village Of The Virgins)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Volta (see - Fiddle On The Diddle)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
VoltupéEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Wabash BluesDave Ringle, Fred Meinkin
Wailing IntervalEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Wait For Me, MaryNat Simon, Charles Tobias, Harry Tobias
Waiting For the Train To Come InSunny Skylar, Martin Block
Waiting For YouJust BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Walk It OffEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Sid Kuller
Walk Right In (see - Bad Woman)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Walking HappyJimmy Van Heusen, Sammy Cahn
Walkin’ And Singin’ The BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Lil Greenwood
Walkin’ With My HoneyD. Manning
Wall Street WailEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Waltz Of The Flowers (see - Dance Of The Floreadores)Piyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
WanderlustEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Wang Wang BluesHenry Busse, Gus Meuller, Buster Johnson, A. Leo Wood
Warm ValleyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sidney Keith "Bob" Russell
Warr (see - The Biggest)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Washington WabbleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Watch The BirdieWallace Jones
Watchin’Henry Nemo, Irving Mills
Watermelon ManEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Way Back BluesEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Way Down Yonder In New OrleansTurner Layton, Henry Creamer
Way Early SubtoneEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Way LowLament In A Minor MoodEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
We Shall Walk This Lonesome ValleyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
We Speak The Same LanguageLee Adams
Weary BluesArtie Matthews
WeatWoodyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
WeelyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Welcome To Ellington
Well (see - The Spring)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
West Indian DanceThe West Indian Influence - West Indian InfluenceEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
West Indian Influence (see West Indian Dance)
West Indian PancakeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
West Indian StompMercer Ellington
We’ll Be Together AgainCarl Fischer, Frankie Laine
Wham!Re-Bop-Boom-BamEddie Durham, Glenn Miller
What A Country!Lee Adams, Charles Strouse
What A LifeEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
What Am I Here For?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Frankie Laine
What Can A Poor Fellow Do?Billy Meyers, Elmer Schoebel
What Color Is Virtue?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
What Else Can You Do With A Drum?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
What Good Am I Without You?Edward The FirstMilton Ager
What Good Would It Do?Buddy Pepper, Inez Eleanor James
What More Can I Say?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
What The World Needs ( . . . Now Is Love)Burt Bacharach, Hal David
What You Gonna Do When The Bed Breaks Down?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
What’s The Good Word, Mr. BluebirdJerry Livingston, Al Hoffman, Allan Roberts
When A Black Man’s BlueGeorge Little, Art Sizemore, Ed Nelson
When A St. Louis Woman ( . . . Comes Down To New Orleans)Arthur Johnston, Sam Coslow
When I Trilly With My FillyEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Sid Kuller
When I Walk With YouEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, John Latouche
When It’s Sleepy Time Down SouthClarence Muse, Leon René, Otis René
When I’m BlueHarry Ruby, Bert Kalmar
When I’m Feeling Kinda Blue (see - Imagine My Frustration)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Gerald Wilson
When My Sugar Walks Down The StreetJimmy McHugh, Gene Austin, Irving Mills
When The Saints Go Marchin’ InTrad.
When You’re Smiling ( . . . The Whole World Smiles With You)Larry Shay, Mark Fisher. Joe Goodwin
Where In The WorldEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Where Or WhenRichard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart
Where’s The MusicEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Which Way?Lee Adams, Charles Strouse
Whispering GrassFred Fisher, Doris Fisher
Whispering Tiger (see - Tiger Rag)
Who Is She?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Roscoe Simons, Robert E. Schafer, Irving Mills
Who Knows?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Who Said “It’s Tight Like This”?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Who Struck John? (see - Non-Violent Integration)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Who Wouldn’t Love You?Carl Fischer, Bill Carey
Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?Frank Churchill, Ann Ronell
Why Was I Born?Jerome D. Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II
Wig WiseEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Wild CarEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Wild Man MooreEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Wild OnionsEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Will You Be There?Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Willow Weep For MeAnn Ronell
Wings And ThingsJohnny Hodges
With You Awaitin’ For Me
Without A SongVincent Youmans, William Rose, Edward Eliscu
WomanEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Women ( . . . They’ll Get You)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, John Latouche
Women, Women, WomenWomenEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, John Latouche
WoodsSosoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Word You Heard (see - It’s Freedom)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
WorksongEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Yearning For LoveLawrence’s ConcertoEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Mitchell Parish, Irving Mills
Yellow DaysAlan Bernstein, Alvaro Carrillo Alarcón
Yellow Dog BluesW.C. Handy
Yesterday I Heard The RainGene Lees, Armando Manzanero
YesterdaysJerome D. Kern, Otto Harbach
You Ain’t In Harlem Now (see - Sugar Hill Shim Sham)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Rex Stewart
You And IMeredith Willson
You Are BeautifulEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
You Better Know ItEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
You Can Count On MeJoseph Myrow, Robert Maxwell
You Can’t Run AroundWilliam "Count" Basie, Jimmy Rushing
You Can’t Run Away From Love TonightHarry Warren, Al Dubin
You Dirty DogEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
You Don’t Love Me No MoreEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
You Gave Me The Gate ( . . . And I’m Swinging)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Irving Gordon, Jimmy Farmer, Jim B. McNeely
You Gotta Crawl Before You WalkEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Larry Fotin, Mel Tormé, Robert Wells
You Left Me Everything But You (see - The Wonder Of You)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, JohnnY Hodges, Don George
You Never Know The Things You MissJohnny Hodges
You Of All PeopleEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
You Think Of everythingJimmy Van Heusen, William Rose, Joseph McCarthy
You Walked Out Of The PictureJack Little, Dave Oppenheim, Charles Tobias
You Went To My HeadRobert Emmerich, Buddy Bernier, Joseph Meyer
You Will Always Live On In Our Memory
You, You Darlin’Maurice K. Jerome, Jack Scholl
Your Love Has FadedEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
You’ll Never Go To Heaven ( . . . If You Break My Heart)Joe Santly, Al Bryan
You’ll Never knowHarry Warren, Mack Gordon
You’re Lucky To MeEubie Blake, Andy Razaf
You’re Nobody ( . . . Till Somebody Loves You)Larry Stock, Russ Morgan, James Cavanaugh
You’ve Got My Heart (see - Someone)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Y’OughtaEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Zajj’s DreamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Zonky Blues (see - Jazz Lips)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
Zweet ZurzdayThe Beautiful DreamEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
‘At’s In There
“C” Blues (see - C-Jam Blues)Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Ruth Roberts, Bill Katz, Bob Theile
“G” For GrooveEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
“Wanna Go Back Again” Blues (You’ve Got Those . . . )Lou Handman, Roy Tuck