New Releases Page

We are happy to announce a new feature for a “Releases” page. This contains a table for every release mentioned in the discography. While browsing the discography, you can click any release to be taken to the correct part of the releases page. Similarly you can click on the index number of any entry on the Releases page to be taken back to the relevant part of the discography.

In addition, the Record Labels page now features links to the releases for each label.

There will be a few rough edges initially: some index numbers are incorrect, and there are typos in the release names, but overall we hope this will be a useful addition to the site.

Over time we’d like to bring you more information for each release. For some we already have links to, Spotify, Tidal etc. In addition we hope to add the title, year of release, format (LP, CD etc.). Watch this space!